RIP Laurent Terzieff

Just learned, via The Daily Notebook, that this great fellow passed away on Friday.

13 Responses to “RIP Laurent Terzieff”

  1. Oh my.

    A great and very unusal actor. Imagine if you will a becalmed Pierre Clementi.
    The first image that comes to mind is of Terzieff as a centaur in Pasolini’s Medea, then of him as himsef in Garrels’ Un Ange Passe

  2. Here are his credits

    Other great Terzieff films include Mauro Bolognini’s Pasolini-scripted La Notte Brava

  3. Terzieff’s in there too. Marcel Carne had a fine ey for les garcons

  4. Don’t know why that didn’t copy

  5. It was L.T et B.B.

  6. Blake Lucas Says:

    Thanks for remembering him. The actor was in one of my favorite movies of all time, DESERT OF THE TARTARS (Valerio Zurlini), in a wonderful performance. Terzieff held his own here among one of the most amazing casts of male actors ever. He is quite a touching figure in this indelible movie.

  7. Agreed! A visually stunning film (though hard to believe David Lean contemplated making it — it’s kind of an anti-epic) with an amazing cast, and Terzieff perfectly cast. He first hit me in La Prisonniere, hence the still. A great actor and one of the all-time great faces, able to combine beauty and sickness.

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