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The Sunday Intertitle: The Tower Bridge Bronto

Posted in FILM, Science with tags , , , , on June 27, 2010 by dcairns

From Harry Hoyt’s THE LOST WORLD, featuring awesome stop-motion monsterage from Willis H O’Brien

Now it can be revealed ~ we have been in London, as guests of regular Shadowplayer and ace animator Randall Cook, at the NFT’s celebration of the 90th birthday of Ray Harryhausen. A thousand thousand thanks to Randy!

Details of the event shall be posted later in the week, with blurry underexposed photographs courtesy of me, and there’s some more Harryhausen-based activity planned here — seems like a good occasion to announce a Film Club look at THE FIRST MEN IN THE MOON for July 16th, to coincide with the launch of Apollo 11, 51 years earlier to the day.