Not like me to miss the last days of the Film Fest… but there’s an even hotter ticket, which I’ll tell you about later. Back Sunday evening, expect news then!

11 Responses to “London”

  1. Off to Old Blighty, eh ? (I just love that expression)

  2. Christopher Says:

    drop me off at the Tower..I got a splitting headache…

  3. They look like trolls.

    Carbunkle Street

  4. Well, a great time was had by all. Expect a late Sunday Intertitle this evening, probably yanked at rendom from the Willis O’Brien/wallace Worseley silent The Lost World, which is a vague and possibly misleading clue as to what we’ve been up to. THAT shall be revealed tomorrow.

  5. Tease.

  6. So you’ve been battling dinosaurs in London? I wouldn’t have believed it but then if I can buy the kid playing a young Christian Bale unleashing dragons that lay waste to humanity from an Underground Tube Station in Reign of Fire then I can buy the idea that you have been battling a triceratops in Piccadilly Circus! Anything else will seem anti-climactic!

    I expect pictures from the encounter to be posted! :)

  7. I meant Harry Hoyt, not Wallace Worseley, by the way. Sorry Harry!

  8. Christopher Says:

    …only thing missing from the picture at top is Gorgo on one side of Big Ben and Konga on t’uther..

    ..give my regards to Johnny Alucard

  9. I have that theme tune on my MP3 player.

  10. Christopher Says:

    its pretty nifty..swingin’ Drac

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