Taking the Mickey

In this week’s edition of The Forgotten, over at the Daily Notebook as usual, we find a conglomeration of Michaels — writer-director Mike Hodges, star Michael Caine, his character Mickey King, producer Michael Klinger,  co-star Mickey Rooney and guiding influence Mickey Spillane. Which means the subject under discussion must be PULP, celebrated earlier this week at the Edinburgh International Film Festival.

5 Responses to “Taking the Mickey”

  1. Christopher Says:

    …sorry I missed out on the Connery-Man Who Would Be King post..as it is one of my top fave films..

  2. kevin mummery Says:

    By the sheerest coincidence I just received Pulp in a mail-trade with a friend on the US mainland…what a coinky-dink. Very surprised to see Dennis Price, Lizabeth Scott and Al Lettieri (Virgil Sollozzo!) in this film, surely some of the most unusual casting ever. As if Mickey Rooney and Michael Caine in the same film weren’t strange enough…all it needed was Marty Feldman!

  3. Marty would have fitted right in. Although I guess it’s nice that Caine is the only Englishman. Oh, apart from Price. Scratch that.

    Got a nice email from Mike Hodges – he liked the article and loved the pictures! Grabbing frames from a movie feels like making a tiny movie of your own, only somebody else has already done all the hard work.

  4. Tony Williams Says:

    David C, That is just what I would expect from Mike Hodges. PULP is one of his works that is definitely “Beyond Get Carter” in revealing the diverse nature of his talent.

  5. That’s what I love in a filmmaker like Hodges, you can see a central mass of concerns and stylistic devices and tastes, and then there are lots of outlying bits of stuff that connect to the centre but push things in odd extremes. Makes for a very stimulating subject.

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