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Taking the Mickey

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In this week’s edition of The Forgotten, over at the Daily Notebook as usual, we find a conglomeration of Michaels — writer-director Mike Hodges, star Michael Caine, his character Mickey King, producer Michael Klinger,  co-star Mickey Rooney and guiding influence Mickey Spillane. Which means the subject under discussion must be PULP, celebrated earlier this week at the Edinburgh International Film Festival.

L’Enfant Sauvage

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The season of neglected 70s British cinema continued with SAVAGE MESSIAH — a rarely screened, emotionally devastating masterpiece from Ken Russell, who attended the screening, chortling loudly at his own dirty jokes throughout.

The Great Ken has been in frail health lately, and was only able to answer a few questions after the showing, but did so with aplomb. And I think he was happy to see an often-overlooked film from arguably his best period receive a rare cinema outing. “It’s about the creative process… and it’s a masterpiece,” he informed us.

Standing ovation, naturally.

Afterwards, I asked about Scott Antony, the film’s star, who gives a zestful, honest and endearing performance as the bohemian artist Andre Gaudier-Brzeska — he has apparently vanished. If anybody knows where he is, Ken wants to know!

Seeing as this is a movie about a creative partnership, it hit me where I live and I was very emotional. And seeing the artist behind the film, maybe for the last time, made it all the more so. This movie really ought to have a DVD release with all the trimmings, with a national search to find the missing star.

Viewed the film with Mike McCarthy, writer-producer-director of the satiric sci-fi burlesque superhero movie CIGARETTE GIRL, who was suitably awed by finding himself in the presence of Greatness (Ken’s, not mine) and at seeing Lindsay Kemp in a movie (doing the worst Scottish accent since James Doohan).

All Hail Ken Russell!