Grand Illusion

With its Tati script, direction by Sylvain Chomet, and Scottish setting, it was probably pretty predictable that I would love THE ILLUSIONIST, which opens Edinburgh International Film Festival. Nevertheless, I’ve tried to analyze it, over at The Daily Notebook. See you there!

It’s pretty sweet that the film contains a character obviously modeled on the young Sean Connery, since Sir Sean, eighty this year, will be attending the premiere as part of his duties as festival patron.

4 Responses to “Grand Illusion”

  1. The mere idea of Tati in combination with the director of Triplets of Belleville is simply mouth-watering, so I’m looking forward for it to be released here!

  2. It’s very nice indeed. I may have unwittingly given the impression in my review that it’s as good as Tati — that wasn’t what I meant. I think it’s better than Belleville Rendezvous though.

  3. kevin mummery Says:

    Lovely analysis, David…I’m looking forward to seeing he Illusionist more now than I had been prior to reading it. Your analysis, I mean. Good thing I don’t teach English.

  4. As I say, the real indicator of whether anyone likes it will be if they liked Belleville. Though I think this one’s an advance in some ways.

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