Forgive the blurriness of the kitten…

What a busy summer this is shaping up to be. I’ve got to finish this damned script by the end of the week (act three still to go), and now I’m apparently seeing a screening of THE MAN WHO WOULD BE KING in honour of Sean Connery’s 80th birthday, which is showing as part of the Edinburgh Film Festival, which I will be attending and writing about without the aid of any annoying glow-in-the-dark electronic devices, I’m taking part in a film quiz, representing the Festival against the staff of Empire Magazine (including Big Gun Kim Newman, ulp!) and Fiona and I are also fitting in a trip to London, about which more later. Very hush-hush. And then off to New York The City.

Stay posted for today’s edition of The Forgotten. That is all.

15 Responses to “FYI”

  1. Kim Newman, he’s the one with the glasses, long hair and mustache right? Just spent a couple minutes looking over his official site. He does get around, I’ve seen his face and heard his comments on a number of the DVDs I own. Seems like an agreeable sort, some might even say cheery. Amused to read he’s a somewhat successful writer, made his first big splash back in 1992 with something called Anno Dracula, wherein Queen Victoria becomes a vampire. I’m guessing that means he has a sense of humor.

  2. That is indeed the Kim Newman of whom I speak. He’s a very popular movie voice here.

    I enjoyed his Dracula books, which have guest stars from the world of movies and literature. The most recent was a late 50s Italian job called Dracula Cha Cha Cha.

  3. Great. I don’t know how much time you have in London but if the two of you want to come along to the show I’m in I will get you comps and it would be lovely to meet.

  4. Oh, that would be lovely! But I think we’re only there for one day, leaving the next morning, and our evening is the part that’s booked. If you have any time free Saturday 26th or Sunday 27th it would be great to meet up for a coffee-flavoured drink though.

  5. Christopher Says:

    danny!..thank heaven you’ve arrived!..Lets go seek safety in battle..
    MWWBK..gotta be one of the top quotable films of all time..

  6. “Detriments, is it?”

  7. New York City, eh? Grab a Challenger and drive the 3,000 or so miles to the West Coast! Think Vanishing Point. I’ll have the dozers and other road equipment set on I-80 to mark where you should stop.

  8. I was thinking about heading west this time, but alas I don’t think it’s going to happen. Next trip!

  9. david wingrove Says:

    When is this quiz with you and Kim Newman…and can I come and watch? Personally, the man strikes me as something of a prat. We could get you drunk first and you’d still win hands down.

  10. Don’t SAY that! The man is incredibly knowledgeable. My only chance is that I’m not sure who else on the Empire staff could offer any kind of valuable support. Whereas I’ve got Duncan. They’re talking about doing this on the 25th, presumably for some charitable cause. Actually, maybe I shouldn’t be talking about it at all yet.

  11. Main quiz-question for the Empire staff: why do they consider AMELIE to be the 2nd best film of “World Cinema”?

  12. Well, I don’t imagine many of them do, they’re just running a populist magazine. But if you’re just going to pick the same films a poll of your readers would pick, maybe there’s not much point in that kind of article.

  13. Well, it’s an open invitation. Reenactment of Vanishing Point can wait.

  14. Rest assured, one day, like the Monkey King, I shall journey to the west!

  15. Amilie ? spit… do keep us posted on the dates though and if i’m not manning a delegate film screening door i’ll come along

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