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Only Tucan Play

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Despite appearances, Harold Hoffman’s film THE BLACK CAT isn’t all that cute at all. But it is, in its mid-sixties Texan rock ‘n’ roll kind of way, remarkably faithful  to the warped spirit of Poe. Even the tucan gets drunk.

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The Black Cat / The Fat Black Pussycat


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Forgive the blurriness of the kitten…

What a busy summer this is shaping up to be. I’ve got to finish this damned script by the end of the week (act three still to go), and now I’m apparently seeing a screening of THE MAN WHO WOULD BE KING in honour of Sean Connery’s 80th birthday, which is showing as part of the Edinburgh Film Festival, which I will be attending and writing about without the aid of any annoying glow-in-the-dark electronic devices, I’m taking part in a film quiz, representing the Festival against the staff of Empire Magazine (including Big Gun Kim Newman, ulp!) and Fiona and I are also fitting in a trip to London, about which more later. Very hush-hush. And then off to New York The City.

Stay posted for today’s edition of The Forgotten. That is all.