Buster Keaton on collaboration

‘Any time you’re shooting gags, or laying ’em out in advance, you so often run into guesswork, or “Maybe his way is better than doing it mine,” and you try to sell yourself one way or the other because there is a certain amount of guess. Has to be. But every once in a while… ain’t no guesswork. This is one of ’em.’

During a slightly strenuous few days of script revision, I more than once found myself thinking of these lines from BUSTER KEATON RIDES AGAIN. Which is pretty presumptuous, identifying with a bona fide genius, one of the few men in this business who really knew what he was doing. Still, comforting.

And on the plus side, the process of hacking away at everybody’s different slant on the story has, finally, hopefully, resulted in a healthier script going forward to be pitched around the Croisette, by happier, more confident producers.

9 Responses to “Buster Keaton on collaboration”

  1. Best of luck. I’m sure it’ll be ace x

  2. La Faustin Says:

    “Merde!” for luck on the Croisette. Faithful readers WILL see you ascending the Palais steps.

  3. Fiona W Says:

    We’ve already ascended the Palais steps and we’ve got the pictures to prove it! We also nearly got mugged while strolling down the beach in our gala finery.

  4. I think there’s a difference between attending a gala as a tourist and as a filmmaker with a movie screening… For one thing, they let you in before the film starts, and you don’t have to enter via a crawlspace.

  5. La Faustin Says:


    (Also: yikes on the attempted mugging.)

  6. Christopher Says:

    its about the same as putting yourself in someone else’s shoes..a good strategy excersize for life as well…good luck on the script

  7. I also wish you well on your most recently completed script, David. Especially since I’m at least somewhat aware of how scripts get tinkered with from the time of their completion to the time of their realization as films onscreen. I know that decades ago screenwriters were close to the bottom of the totem pole, and suffered accordingly. But that was decades ago, I have no idea as to what the climate is like for the same arena today.

  8. Correction, first sentence: David and Fiona.

  9. The new draft starts ASAP, to be finished by June. As our producer once put it, filmmaking is a process of continually deferred pleasure…

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