Eating People is Wrong

Because I’m all about spreading myself over the interwaves like cybernetic margarine, I’ve contributed a review to the excellent Electric Sheep magazine (“a deviant view of cinema”) which you can read here. Tasty!

6 Responses to “Eating People is Wrong”

  1. RIP William Lubchantsky

  2. Lubchantsky: busy to the end, and producing beautiful work.

  3. I assume that ‘Van Diemen’s Land’ is the story of Alexander Pearce? Does it include the fact that, after being recaptured (having eaten everybody), Pearce then proceeded to ascape AGAIN, with a very foolish accomplice, who he then ate after a couple of days, even though he still had a bag full of food? The joys of Australian history.

  4. Christopher Says: of my favorite Pythons…Stop this cannibalism!

  5. Yes, Pearce’s subsequent adventures in cannibalism are mentioned in a few titles at the end. Which seems a shame, they might have been worth dramatizing in a more cinematic way. The irony that nobody believed him the first time, so he had to do it again before they hanged him, is pretty dark/satisfying.

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