The Shadowplay May Impossible Film Quiz

Round (1) The Dreaded Quotations Round.

a) “I’m in a strange man!”

b) “Please don’t bring me his head. I wouldn’t know what to do with it.”

c) “A man eats an apple. Gets a piece of the core stuck between his teeth. You know.”

d) “Do you realize, doc, that one of those girls could knock that guy off on the corner of Broad and Main with fifty witnesses and we still couldn’t hang it on her?”

Round (2) Lowest Common Denomonators. What do the following actors have in common?

a) Robert Duvall, Kenny Baker, Marlene Dietrich and Willy Fritsch.

b) Tom Baker and Michelle Pfeiffer.

c) William Hartnell, Rupert Graves and Dennis Braccini. And why doesn’t Martin Amis count?

d) Mickey Rooney, Richard Dreyfuss, Michael Badalucco.

Round (3) Images round. Identify the following films ~

Round (4) What connects the following directors?

a) Roy William Neill and Louis Malle?

b) Buster Keaton and John Boorman?

c) Rex Ingram and Ingmar Bergman?

d) Ingmar Bergman and Sergio Sollima?

Round (5) The God Round.

a) What connects David Carradine, Kirk Douglas and Oliver Reed?

b) Jean Gabin and David Bowie?

c) Andre Gregory and Robert Ryan?

d) Anthony Quinn and Harry Guardino?

Round (6) Dwarfs round.

a) “Little things, hitting each other!” Who likes this?

b) “They’ve obviously mistaken me for a much shorter man!” Who, where?

c) “**** me!” What’s the missing John Rhys-Davies word?

d) How tall is Thumbelina when her heart is full of love? Should Rondo Hatton be worried?

Round (7) Missing limbs round.

a) How did Dr. No lose his hands? And does it make a lick of sense, if you think about it?

b) What connects Ash’s hand and Wat Dabney’s foot?

c) In what way did Malcolm McDowell fill in for Alan Bates?

d) A dog can carry a hand (YOJIMBO, THE NEW YORK RIPPER, WILD AT HEART), a cat can manage a thumb (THE LADYKILLERS remake): what can a tiger make off with, and in which film? (A virus is what we doctors call “very, very small.”)

Round (8) Music round.

a) You know Laurel & Hardy’s theme tune? What’s it called? For a bonus point, hum it.

b) Complete the lyrics (one * per word). Bonus: name the film.

“I’m a mousetrap without a * * *

I’m Vienna without the *

I’m DaVinci without the * *

When I’m without *.”


d) What connects John Carpenter, Charles Chaplin and Gillo Pontecorvo (sort of)?

Round (9) What’s in a name?

a) What name connects Charles Coburn and John Hurt?

b) What name connects Dick Powell and Cliff Robertson?

c) What film contains the line “Who’s Robin Williams?” Bonus question: what’s the answer?

d) What surname connects Clint Eastwood, Barry Newman, Marlon Brando and Parker Posey?

Round (10) Death by Misadventure

a) What book did FRANKENSTEIN director James Whale leave lying out before he drowned himself in his swimming pool?

b) What author was Max Ophuls reading when he died?

c) What distinguishes Preston Sturges’s autobiography from most?

d) What movie slew Boris Vian?

Bonus Question:

Here is a picture of Cliff Robertson. What is he doing and why?


67 Responses to “The Shadowplay May Impossible Film Quiz”

  1. 7b) Both remove their extremities (Ash = hand, Dabney = foot)

    8c) All use predominantly one instrument in their scores:
    THE THIRD MAN: zither
    THE IDIOTS: melodica

    8d) All scored their own films.

    9d) Kowalski

  2. BTW, I shall award a single prize this month to what I judge to be the most beautiful answer.

  3. Boring attempts at a proper answer:
    1 a) Innerspace

    2 a) They’ve all worn animal skins

    3 b) Birdman of Alcatraz
    d) Sherlock Holmes and the muhmuhmuh

    5 a) crucifixion
    b) Pilate
    c) John the Baptist
    d) Barrabas

    6 a) Napoleon in Time Bandits
    c) Toss?

    7 b) Self-removed
    d) leg, Meaning of Life

    8 a) Cuckoo Waltz, surely?
    b) Piece of cheese, Fur Elise, Mona Lise. Movie movie. This is a guess.
    d) compose scores for films they direct?

  4. 1a) – yes, Dennis Quaid in Innerspace. For a bonus point, Dennis Quaid in Far From Heaven.

    2a) Not what I had in mind.

    3b, 3d, Nope.

    5a,b,c,d, yes!

    6a,c yes!

    7b,d yes.

    8a) Not quite!
    8b) Yes, no, yes, no! It’s not Movie Movie.
    8d yes!


  6. Cuckoo March?
    How did Carridine get crucified out of interest?

  7. Bonus question: He’s reading a newspaper.

  8. 1d) THE DARK MIRROR. (Siodmak binge?)

  9. 8.b…
    I’m a mousetrap without a piece of cheese,
    I’m Vienna, without the Viennese,
    I’m DaVinci, without the Mona Lis… (pronounced “leez”),
    When I’m without… you?

    (from Wilder’s KISS ME STUPID, as sung by gas station owner Cliff Osmond and collaborator Orville J. Spooner, I can hear the tune in my head as I type)

  10. 6b) ROT @ the Plaza.

  11. Jenny Eardley Says:

    3a I’m guessing Elephant Man because of the lighting,
    b Brute Force
    c Gypsy?

    6d, 9 feet, sure he should be worried

    10c. What was it? he died a paragraph before finishing it?

  12. 10c) He died just as he was finishing it.

  13. 3.b…
    Could be BRUTE FORCE, but I’m also thinking possibly KISS THE BLOOD OFF MY HANDS.

  14. 3d) The Invisible Man? (and his invisible shoes)?

  15. 3c) Lola Montez?

  16. I just saw Brute Force recently and I don’t remember that pose (or the intriguing neckwear)

  17. Jenny Eardley Says:

    Guy’s right. Man, how much time did Burt Lancaster spend filming behind bars?

  18. 9b) Marlowe?

  19. Burt’s about to get beat by Hume Cronyn’s Munsey. With a rubber hose. Ouch.

  20. 3b) at the risk of appearing a total mid-1940s Siodmak fiend, I’ll take a stab at THE KILLERS.

  21. I stand corrected. It is KISS THE BLOOD OFF MY HANDS that shows Burt bound to be flogged.

  22. 4c) Both made movies called “The Magician.”

  23. 4b) The General

  24. mmedin Says:

    Oh, bugger. I saw the post but didn’t read it, went out to practice and when I came back there were already 20 posts.

    4a) Black Moon, and only because you sent it and the title stopped me for a second.

  25. Christopher Says:

    call of the cuckoo is 8a

  26. Christopher Says:

    dance of the cuckoos

  27. Randy Cook Says:

    6b) Roger O. Thornhill in “George Kaplan”s hotel room

  28. Experimento — yes to the Siodmak binge! Spiral Staircase and Dark Mirror, 1d and 3a. 6b ROT is right. But 3b is wrong. 9a is right, “My name is John Merrick.”

    Simon, yes to Cuckoo March. Carradine is nailed to a freight train in Boxcar Bertha. bonus question — good answer! But I meant in the drawing.

    Guy, 8b, bang on! Your second guess for 3b is correct: Kiss the Blood off My Hands. (Check out my two Shadowplay pieces on that one)

    Jenny, I see what you mean about the lighting in 3a but Experimento got this one. (Freddie Francis lit the nightmare in Elephant Man from above to disguise the fact that they had no set.)
    3b and 3c wrong.
    6d is correct re Thumbelina’s stats.
    10c not QUITE.

    Chuck V nails 10c.
    9b – no, although maybe it DOES?
    3c and 3d nope!
    4b The General is right.

    Katya, 4c is correct on The Magician(s)

    MMedin, 4a is indeed Black Moon(s)

    Christopher, both wrong, it’s March of the Cuckoos I’m afraid.

    Randy, yes, but Experimento pipped you to the post.

  29. 4d) FACE TO FACE: Bergman’s Ansikte mot ansikte (1976) & Sollima’s Faccia a faccia (1967)

  30. Re: 9b – no, although maybe it DOES?

    Not as far as I know but the name Marlowe just seems to suit Robertson so I thought he might have played some Marlowe somewhere.

  31. 9b It’s John, but there’s more to it than that.

    4d Face to Face YES

  32. 9b) Don’t know. But JOHNNY O’CLOCK is a personal favourite.

  33. The answer is sort of presidential.

  34. 9b) Oooh ooh ooh! Both played characters named John Kennedy?

  35. You got it!

  36. So far unguessed:
    1c (another Siodmak)

    2a, b,c, d

    3c Henry Hathaway? A musical? Are you SURE?



    10a, b, d

    And the bonus question.

  37. Jenny Eardley Says:

    I’d like 1b to be a Woody Allen line, can I hope it’s in Bananas or Sleeper?

    2b Did they both sing “Making Whoopie” on a piano?

    7c I’ll take a guess that he provided his legs in a shot because Alan broke his.

    9c I’m sure I saw this film a few days ago. Frustrating!

    10b I’ll guess Dickens

    I’m just desperately trying to hoover up points, it’s undignified!

  38. mmedin Says:

    While I have an answer to the bonus question, I don’t think it’s possible to sodomize a Volkswagen with a long, apparently phallic object held in hand. Besides, why would anyone want to with the frumpy figure of a VW? Anyway, I think it has something to do with Man On A Swing, a film I haven’t seen since the ’70s.

  39. rosemurasaki Says:

    10d Boris Vian had a heart attack or an aneurysm – I forget which – at the first screening of the film version of his novel I Spit on Your Grave aka J’irai cracher sur vos tombes, which he wrote under the pseudonym Vernon Sullivan, published in the guise of a genuine American hardboiled novel of which he was just the translator. (Nothing to do with the video nasty of the same name.)

    I have that film but have yet to watch it.

    Probably more than you need to know. I’m showing off because I came late to the party, and also because I’m a little obsessed with Vian and suspect David might have put that question there specifically for me.

    Boris would be one of my husbands, Fiona, if he weren’t dead, and I guess he would now be too old if he were still alive. But he was lovely – you can see him in a couple of scenes in Vadim’s Les Liaisons Dangereuses. And he liked cats.

  40. rosemurasaki Says:

    slightly more conisdered responses:

    2a I would have said they all ruled Russia, but I have no idea where Kenny Baker fits in.

    2b They both age extra-fast. Baker in The Golden Voyage of Sinbad and Pfeiffer in Stardust. (I only know that because I watched the Sinbad just the other week)

    2d They all played Baby Face Nelson.

    7c Suspect that’s Britannia Hospital. Is it Bates’ head that gets spoiled, obliging Dr Graham Crowden to use McDowell’s head on his creature instead?

  41. rosemurasaki Says:

    to elaborate on 2b They’re both hanging on to their youthful looks with magic.

  42. Jenny: I like the idea of 1b being Woody Allen. The real answer will surprise you!
    I also like the idea of Tom Baker singing Making Whoopee. If only.
    7c Nope.
    10b Nope. It’s someone Ophuls had filmed, but it’s still pretty obscure. The info comes from Truffaut’s obituary of Ophuls published in The Films in my Life.

    MMedin certainly deserves a point for identifying the Cliff Robertson cartoon as coming from Frank Perry’s Man on a Swing.

    Rose, I didn’t know about your Boris obsession but I’m glad you got the answer before anyone else.
    2a is to do with names, or their lack.
    2b, Yes, pretty much. They both age whenever they use magic. (Golden Voyage of Sinbad and Stardust).
    2d, yes, and see this week’s The Forgotten for more.
    7c yes! Bates plays a coma patient, gets decapitated, then his head goes off and has to be replaced by Malky’s.

  43. Judy Dean Says:

    Right now I’m humming along with the first track on my L&H ‘Trail of the Lonesome Pine’ CD. It’s title? DANCE of the Cuckoos.

  44. Thanks for the correction!

  45. rosemurasaki Says:

    More choice details about Boris Vian’s death – from Wikipedia:

    On the morning of 23 June 1959, Boris Vian was at the Cinema Marbeuf for the screening of the film version of J’irai cracher sur vos tombes. He had already fought with the producers over their interpretation of his work and he publicly denounced the film stating that he wished to have his name removed from the credits. A few minutes after the film began, he reportedly blurted out: “These guys are supposed to be American? My ass!” He then collapsed into his seat and died from sudden cardiac death en route to the hospital.

  46. As famous last words go, “My ass” takes some beating.

    Er, I didn’t mean that to sound that way.

    Will post the rest of the answers late afternoon GMT.

  47. rosemurasaki Says:

    I guess it’s the ultimate author comment on how one of their books has been filmed.

  48. 1c) at the risk of appearing something of a late-1940s Siodmak freak (and having availed myself of Google), I’ll take a wild stab and say CRISS CROSS.

  49. 1b yes! I’ve been viewing tons of Siodmak for a non-Shadowplay project which you’ll hear about soon. It seeped in.

    I’ll post the other answers in a few hours.

  50. OK, answers —

    1b “Please don’t bring me his head” — my favourite line from Alec Guinness in The Fall of the Roman Empire.

    2a All played characters with a bunch of letters and numbers for names (THX 1138, R2D2, X27, No. 326)

    2c All slain by defective banisters: Brighton Rock, Damage, The Bourne Identity, and Amis doesn’t count because a faulty window shutter causes his death in A High Wind in Jamaica.

    3c The legs are from Nob Hill.
    3d The footprint is from The Undying Monster.

    7a Dr No seems to have lost his hands in an atomic accident. Somehow!

    9c “Who’s Robin Williams?” asks Fats. “It’s me,” says Robert DeNiro. In Once Upon a Time in America. Weird, since RDN would work with the artist formerly known as Mork from Ork later in Awakenings.

    10a Before drowning himself, James Whale carefully left out a copy of Don’t Go Near the Water.
    10b Ophuls was reading Goethe.

    Bonus question: Cliff Robertson in Man on a Swing is looking for clues. Incredibly, that’s meant to be a magnifying glass in his hand.

  51. Jenny Eardley Says:

    Once upon a time in America! Grr. I saw that just over a year ago or thereabouts, so just the same as a few days ago, really.

    Bonus question – I wondered why that rocker was looking so angrily at a sausage!

  52. Even though it’s not technically an answer to a question, I think the rocker/sausage line deserves the prize!

  53. Jenny Eardley Says:

    Ha ha ha! You’re a good man David but if your saying that line is beautiful I question your sanity!

    My answers have been rubbish, give it to someone who clearly did their homework this year. I nominate Simon Kane for getting a bunch of right answers quickly or Rose Murasaki for interesting story about Boris Vian – what a guy, swoon! etc.

  54. Re: 7a

    I remembered that Dr. No’s hands were destroyed in an atomic accident but since I couldn’t remember the details I didn’t answer this one. Doh! Do you suppose they were mangled (ala Spock’s ears) by an atomic powered rice picking machine?

  55. It’s a lovely thought, but I wonder if that would qualify as a truly ATOMIC accident. I’m assuming his hands just became very very radioactive and dropped off. The rest of him was fine though.

    Simon Kane–ten answers correct.
    ACBleach–six answers.
    Rose and Experimento–four.

    Both Jenny and Simon had good responses to the Bonus Question so both can have a prize this time. Final decision!

  56. Oho, so does 1c not count because I confessed to Googling it?

  57. Or maybe I just counted wrong!
    Experimento–five correct answers!

  58. Jenny Eardley Says:

    Oh alright then. I graciously accept a prize this time so long as Simon also gets one and maybe gets crowned or something too. Thank you very much!

  59. Sos grande, che.

  60. Cheers Jenny, you’re a diamond.

  61. Jenny Eardley Says:

    Oh yeah, what was the answer to the second part of 6d, Rondo Hatton being worried or not? Suddenly popped into my head while watching the election.

  62. Certainly he should be worried! Apart from the fact that he had a fatal brain tumor, his size, though considerable, was no match for a love-filled Thumbelina.

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