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The Shadowplay May Impossible Film Quiz

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Round (1) The Dreaded Quotations Round.

a) “I’m in a strange man!”

b) “Please don’t bring me his head. I wouldn’t know what to do with it.”

c) “A man eats an apple. Gets a piece of the core stuck between his teeth. You know.”

d) “Do you realize, doc, that one of those girls could knock that guy off on the corner of Broad and Main with fifty witnesses and we still couldn’t hang it on her?”

Round (2) Lowest Common Denomonators. What do the following actors have in common?

a) Robert Duvall, Kenny Baker, Marlene Dietrich and Willy Fritsch.

b) Tom Baker and Michelle Pfeiffer.

c) William Hartnell, Rupert Graves and Dennis Braccini. And why doesn’t Martin Amis count?

d) Mickey Rooney, Richard Dreyfuss, Michael Badalucco.

Round (3) Images round. Identify the following films ~

Round (4) What connects the following directors?

a) Roy William Neill and Louis Malle?

b) Buster Keaton and John Boorman?

c) Rex Ingram and Ingmar Bergman?

d) Ingmar Bergman and Sergio Sollima?

Round (5) The God Round.

a) What connects David Carradine, Kirk Douglas and Oliver Reed?

b) Jean Gabin and David Bowie?

c) Andre Gregory and Robert Ryan?

d) Anthony Quinn and Harry Guardino?

Round (6) Dwarfs round.

a) “Little things, hitting each other!” Who likes this?

b) “They’ve obviously mistaken me for a much shorter man!” Who, where?

c) “**** me!” What’s the missing John Rhys-Davies word?

d) How tall is Thumbelina when her heart is full of love? Should Rondo Hatton be worried?

Round (7) Missing limbs round.

a) How did Dr. No lose his hands? And does it make a lick of sense, if you think about it?

b) What connects Ash’s hand and Wat Dabney’s foot?

c) In what way did Malcolm McDowell fill in for Alan Bates?

d) A dog can carry a hand (YOJIMBO, THE NEW YORK RIPPER, WILD AT HEART), a cat can manage a thumb (THE LADYKILLERS remake): what can a tiger make off with, and in which film? (A virus is what we doctors call “very, very small.”)

Round (8) Music round.

a) You know Laurel & Hardy’s theme tune? What’s it called? For a bonus point, hum it.

b) Complete the lyrics (one * per word). Bonus: name the film.

“I’m a mousetrap without a * * *

I’m Vienna without the *

I’m DaVinci without the * *

When I’m without *.”


d) What connects John Carpenter, Charles Chaplin and Gillo Pontecorvo (sort of)?

Round (9) What’s in a name?

a) What name connects Charles Coburn and John Hurt?

b) What name connects Dick Powell and Cliff Robertson?

c) What film contains the line “Who’s Robin Williams?” Bonus question: what’s the answer?

d) What surname connects Clint Eastwood, Barry Newman, Marlon Brando and Parker Posey?

Round (10) Death by Misadventure

a) What book did FRANKENSTEIN director James Whale leave lying out before he drowned himself in his swimming pool?

b) What author was Max Ophuls reading when he died?

c) What distinguishes Preston Sturges’s autobiography from most?

d) What movie slew Boris Vian?

Bonus Question:

Here is a picture of Cliff Robertson. What is he doing and why?