Great Directors Made Little #5

Alfred Hitchcock, right.

Hitch on horseback is a surprising idea. Are there baby photographs showing an infantile John Ford being chased by a crop-duster or knifing the nanny in the shower? Still, that dignified poise seems familiar from later images of Our Alfred. And the grocers shop is part of the legend.

Dad looks pretty stern.

12 Responses to “Great Directors Made Little #5”

  1. David Boxwell Says:

    How about the mug shot of a miserable, unsmiling young Alfie when he was, supposedly, locked up in gaol for that one night? That’s the picture I want to see.

  2. Was Hitchcock Sr. a territorial? Or maybe a Scout master?

  3. Well, they’re both in the same uniform with the same cockeyed hat…

    I doubt they snapped little Hitch during his brief visit to the cop shop, although it’s an image that would be poignant and valuable to day if they had.

  4. Tony Williams Says:

    I think it is Boer War uniform.

  5. Christopher Says:

    Dad looks like Kipling!
    yeah that looks a bit Boer ish

  6. I was thinking dad looked like Teddy Roosevelt. Maybe that’s what all fathers looked like at the time.

  7. Jenny Eardley Says:

    My brother blue-tacked a hat like that for his action man! It was after seeing Zulu and getting interested in that place and time period. Strange boy.

  8. The photograph makes me think of Hitchcock’s idiosyncrasy of leaving his shirt collar out of place, or was it that the point of the collar was bent.

    The “button downed” ness in the photo was no doubt the germ of the idiosyncrasy.

    Maybe if you look close enough, that little shirt collar on young Hitch is poking out.

  9. david wingrove Says:

    The idea of making Hitchcock ‘little’ is quite a daunting one. Although he did star himself in an ad for ‘Reduce-o’ in one of his films…LIFEBOAT? ROPE? It was one or the other.

  10. It’s Lifeboat. After he considered and rejected the idea of floating past as a corpse.

    Interesting that none of Hitchcock’s cameos show him on horseback.

  11. Christopher Says:

    dosen’t Hitch visit that site in the documentary on filming Frenzy in 1972?

  12. Oh, maybe! Certainly Frenzy inhabits the world of fruit and veg (and meat)…

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