The new Forgotten is up now, dealing with yet another Woolrich adaptation, this time from Jean Delannoy.

Paul Murphy has been hosting a Woolrich Week of his own over at his Electric Chair blog, looking at radio versions of Woolrich stories and radio versions of movie versions of Woolrich stories.

And Regular Shadowplayer Chris Schneider alerts me to a blog by ace cartoonist Hilary Barta, devoted to limericks about obscure film and comics, of all things. Go here for the Limerwrecks take on Woolrich.

5 Responses to “Lookee!”

  1. david wingrove Says:

    This film look stupendous (a bit like Carol Reed’s marvellous TRAPEZE) but until I read your piece, I had no idea it existed.

    Of course Truffaut hated Delannoy, Christian-Jacque, Auatant-Lara et al. These men all possessed something called talent, a quality that Truffaut himself singularly lacked.

    My personal theory is that Truffaut became a director mainly so he could form ‘intimate liaisons’ with some glamorous leading ladies. It even seems to have worked, on occasion. Yuck!

  2. I think it worked on just about every film! I’ve seen footage of his funeral and it’s much like the one in The man Who Loved Women — but with more authentic distress.

    Truffaut clearly had some kind of talent outside the bedroom as well, going by his best films. You can’t place the credit for them with anyone else, even when he had, for instance, Julie Christie, Nic Roeg and Bernard Herrmann to help him.

    Obsession is quite a lot like Trapeze but with a stronger story. It would be nice if one day a pristine copy was available, but it’s so obscure I’m happy to have seen it at all, especially with subtitles.

  3. david wingrove Says:

    Julie Christie said no, allegedly, which is why he lampooned her rather cruelly in DAY FOR NIGHT. Jeanne Moreau apparently told him that sex would ‘only destroy a beautiful friendship’. And they were definitely the two smartest ladies in the bunch!

  4. More wonderful stuff, DC, and thanks for the mention of Radio Woolrich Week. I write so slowly that it may stretch into two, but I’ve just added a note on 2 versions of Black Angel, and some little appetizers.


  5. Excellent! I haven’t managed to fit Phantom Lady into CW Week, so that’s going to appear sometime next week, as an addendum.

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