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The Shadowplay Impossible Film Quiz: April

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As we inexplicably and wrongly celebrate the persecution and assassination of a progressive religious teacher, what better way to get into the swing of things than by a frustratingly obscure pop quiz?

Round (1) The dreaded Quotations Round.

a) “Diabetes? I ought to know better than to hire someone with a disease.”

b) “…am about to embark upon a hazardous and technically unexplainable journey into the outer stratosphere.”

c) “You pooped in the refrigerator? And you ate a whole wheel of cheese? How’d you do that? I’m not even mad. That’s amazing.”

d) “Who they are?”

Round (2) Lowest Common Denomonators. What do the following have in common?

a) John Candy; Brandon Lee; Oliver Reed.

b) Lee Marvin; Ed Harris; Chuck Norris.

c) Jane Fonda; Elizabeth Shephard; Tippi Hedren.

d) Federico Fellini; Neil Jordan; Troy McClure.

Round (3) Images round. Identify the following films ~

Round (4) What connects the following directors?

a) Fritz Lang; Costa-Gavras; Oliver Stone; Tim Blake Nelson.

b) Ylmaz Guney; Roger Avery; Roman Polanski; Edward Dmytryk.

c) CT Dreyer; William Wellman; Merian C Cooper; Howard Hawks.

d) Sam Raimi; Tobe Hooper; William Friedkin; Peter Jackson.

Round (5) The God Round.

a) What connects Peter Cushing; Dustin Hoffman; Alejandro Jodorwoski?

b) Marty Feldman and Keith Gordon?

c) Robert Altman; Luis Bunuel; Zack Snyder.

d) Graham Chapman; Steve Coogan; Jim Carrey.

Round (6) Dwarfs round.

a) What, very specifically, connects GOLD DIGGERS OF 1933; the 1933 ALICE IN WONDERLAND; BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN?

b) What did David Rappaport say was the best thing about being a schoolteacher?

c) Why cried, “Let the dwarfs hang!” and on which film?

d) What were the Tumbling Piccolos employed to do in Scotland?

Round (7) Missing limbs round.

a) What connects Jean-Louis Trintigant and Sissy Spacek?

b) What connects Lee Marvin; Herbert Lom; Ralph Fiennes?


d) Who said, “An empty sleeve is revolting to most people”? Or at any rate, name the film.

Round (8) Music round.

a) A calliope plays as a cigarette lighter reflects in a pair of spectacles. Which film?

b) A jazz tune is created by bubbling chemicals… finally, the bubbling comes to stand for a thought process.

c) A big loose drum signifies the sound of bodies landing in a coal train.

d) The action grinds to a halt while we watch the Zombies play on a pub TV.

Round (9) Before they were famous.

a) A combat photographer in WWII before he turned to filming another kind of action.

b) In the Hitler Youth, in a neutral country.

c) His mother used to take him to plastic surgeons, saying, “Can you do something about my son’s enormous lips?”

d) Studied clinical psychology; played in a band; worked as floor manager in live TV.

Round (10) The halt and the lame.

a) What impacted upon the beauty of Merle Oberon, Zita Johann and Carole Lombard?

b) What fictional deformity afflicted Anthony Hopkins and Christopher Guest?

c) What real nonconformity afflicts Jane Seymour, David Bowie and Dan Ayckroyd?

d) What, in a roundabout way, connects Edna Best (and Boots Mallory) and Paul McCartney?