Film Directors with their Shirts Open

Ken Russell (centre) shows what he inherited from his mother Jane.

Must confess to being influenced by the oft-vile Victor Lewis-Smith in the above line. He created a sketch out of archive film formulating the notion of a partnership between Bertrand Russell and Jane Russell. It ended with an appearance by the actual Ken Russell, saying “Some say I’ve inherited my father’s genius, but I think I take after my mother.” Pull back to reveal big boobs. It was pretty charming by VLS standards, and nice to see Ken demonstrating yet again his complete lack of “front,” even if paradoxically it meant him wearing an enormous false front.

(This image, however, is from TRAPPED ASHES, a horror-spoof anthology film to which Ken contributed a segment entitled THE GIRL WITH THE GOLDEN BREASTS. Joe Dante made the framing story. Still to see it.)

Trapped Ashes

Thanks to Brandon.

3 Responses to “Film Directors with their Shirts Open”

  1. lippocikarang Says:


  2. david wingrove Says:

    If only Jane Russell (in her declining years) could have been induced to star in a Ken Russell movie! What a fabulous combination that might have been…far more fun than Glenda Jackson, at any rate. Jane would have been in her element in THE BOY FRIEND or TOMMY, but I doubt she’d have been amused by THE MUSIC LOVERS or THE DEVILS.

  3. Having sung her way through “Ain’t there anyone here for love?” there should be little left to surprise her!

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