Bashful Film Directors With Their Shirts Off

Otto Preminger preserves some mystery.

26 Responses to “Bashful Film Directors With Their Shirts Off”

  1. Weirdly shot spread…Bald Otto is such a shy male coquette, no?

  2. david wingrove Says:

    Why on earth did Preminger agree to this? And why did anyone ask him to do it in the first place?!

    Not sure which is the greater mystery…

  3. Preminger was often involved in celebrity stuff and publicity in the 40s and 50s. He may be an auteurist cause today but in his day he was a big celebrity in his time. This was probably done as a joke for LIFE.

  4. Moobs… pierced nipples… one breast is larger than the other… not that we really need to know.

  5. It’s photos like this that inspired the young Annie Liebowitz.

  6. I’m guessing this was during the shooting of Skidoo

  7. david wingrove Says:

    Of all the people I’ve no wish to see in the nude (or even semi-nude) Otto Preminger must rank high on the list. Still, it could be worse. It could be Alfred Hitchcock.

    Mind you, if the adorable Francois Ozon could be induced to do a bit of beefcake…

  8. Such touching modesty from Otto.

  9. Well Otto Preminger was a bit of a ladies man so I suppose some people didn’t mind.

  10. Well, he was Mr Freeze, maybe he’s just feeling the cold.

  11. He’s too sexy to wear shirts, too sexy to wear shirts (so sexy it hurts)

  12. Otto sings….

    About 2 Mins 20 Seconds in (but better in context)

    It’s when they all get together at the end that you feel like you’re hallucinating

    Speaking of Late (singing) Otto-Any love for “Such Good Friends” or “Tell me you Love me”? Both hard to come by but both sound fascinating. Are either worth the effort?

    Musings of Otto Preminger “If I grew an Old Testament beard,perhaps I could play Moses. John Huston grew a beard, and became Noah. There is precedent.” (from Roger Ebert)

  13. Christopher Says:

    ..don’t be nervous when Ottos directing you..just keep this picture in mind!

  14. That is SURREAL, James!

    Junie Moon is certainly worth the effort, being as it’s so horribly bizarre. It’s a bit like that Rickles show only with battery acid attacks. Haven’t managed to see Such Good Friends.

    I guess if Otto went Old Testament he’d probably be Isaac or something. “God was wrong!”

  15. JUst Good Friends is preety good. Elaine May wrote the screenplay and Dyan Cannon is in fine Full Raging Bitch mode as the anit-heroine.

    Tell Me That You Love Me Junie Moon is Liza at her mosst recherche She plays a gril horrible scarred by battery acid, poured on her by a would be rapist (Ben Piazza) who goes to live in a halfway house with other physically/emotionally-challenged types including Ken Howard and Robert Moore. Kay Thompson also pops up in it, but sadly she doesn’t sing “Jubilee Time.”

  16. As Mr. Freeze Otto was more memorable than Eli Wallach but hamfisted next to George Sanders. Nevertheless, all three were light years ahead of the Governor of California. The very best Freeze was Michael Ansara, who voiced the character in “Batman: The Animated Series,” beginning with the episode “Heart of Ice.” He subtly turned a silly, gimmicky character into near-tragic one.

  17. I’m someone who values Otto’s 60s epic phase – Advise and Consent, The Cardinal, In Harm’s Way and of course Bunny Lake is Missing which is a non-genre horror film of scary intensity.

  18. I liked that Batman Animated Series…I saw it when I was young and never missed an episode. It introduced me to the style and mood of Film Noir and Val Lewton horrors before I came to the real thing.

  19. I like Bunny Lake best of all those. Not sure about the ending, but love everything else, especially Noel Coward and, for once, Olivier. An Olivier without tricks and false noses.

  20. Well I’ve always liked Olivier, especially with tricks. Keir Dullea was a big surprise, never thought I’d be creeped out by him. Preminger and Olivier didn’t get on very well on the set, Olivier later noted that it almost made him lose his genuine admiration for a masterpiece like Carmen Jones.

  21. But I think that must have resulted in the stripped-down and believable performance. Tough guys like Wyler and Preminger could get Olivier out of his comfort zone, hiding behind mannerisms and inventions. He had the sense to respect Wyler though.

  22. Olivier’s key problem was that he was a great actor of theatre and it was very hard for him to restrain himself on camera and that often needed effort on the part of film-makers to tone it down. It wasn’t a flaw but an hazard of his great talent. Wyler who worked with many stage trained hands had enough experience to reconstruct Sir Larry as it were through his sustained repititions of takes. On the other hand Hitchcock gave him no directions at all on Rebecca which was the highest compliment he gave to any actor.

    In Bunny Lake Olivier isn’t just the Police Inspector of the case but he is the only adult, the only rational figure in a landscape that gets distorted and fragmented, so Olivier has to be a figure of stability and experience much like James Stewart in Anatomy of a Murder. It’s a very creepy film, it has a bit of the fairy tale spookiness of The Night of the Hunter mixed with the blood-chilling weirdness of Eyes Without A Face only set in a very contemporary 60s urban London. It’s part of the cycle of B+W neo-Freudian thrillers of the 60s alongside Peeping Tom(it has Anna Massey), The Innocents and Psycho and the Franju movie and it paved the way for Repulsion .

  23. That clip that David E posted doesn’t do justice to SKIDOO’s color scheme. As I recall, Carol Channing’s tights were a bright canary yellow.

  24. Distressing that widescreen copies of Skidoo appear to be unavailable (even TCM showed a pan-and-scan). I find Preminger’s use of Scope absolutely central to everything he does, and he’s one filmmaker whose movies become completely unwatchable in the wrong ratio.

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