Film Directors With Their Shirts Off: The Next Generation

Sofia Coppola.

A second generation topless filmmaker, no less, since I featured Sofia’s dad and his lovely moobs some time ago.

This image comes from This Isn’t Happiness, a beautiful picture blog which is updated with spectacular frequency, ensuring you get a regular image-fix several times a day. The only downside is their tendency to feature rather a lot of pics of sexy ladies in states of undress, which I certainly don’t approve of.

In this case, the image was culled from The World’s Best Ever, another sterling image blog.

We could now have a heated debate about the merits or otherwise of Sofia Coppola’s filmmaking, but it doesn’t seem quite right to do so under a topless picture of the crooked-smiling auteur. Nor does it seem appropriate to simply remark “Nice rack.” And tying it in somehow to Kathryn Bigelow’s epoch-making Oscar win, or International Women’s Day, didn’t quite seem right either.

So let’s turn this into an APPEAL — Send me your topless director shots! Still looking for an Orson Welles, a Ken Russell and an Otto Preminger.

25 Responses to “Film Directors With Their Shirts Off: The Next Generation”

  1. Very Roman Polanski.

  2. Oh dear. That Sofia shot looks vaguely like one of those portraits I used to see in the New Yorker before I quit reading it. I think the formula is this: Get famous woman in varying state of undress. Have her strike masculine pose, with face sullen. Shoot photo. Profit! Nice work if you can get it.

    If there’s one of Orson out there, I want it to be a late-period full-belly shot with Orson’s wicked smile on his bearded visage. Nothing less would do.

  3. Ken Russell is the one in the middle:

  4. That’s for Ken’s last movie (to date) Burnt Ashes

  5. That’s a startling image, but then I would expect no less from the Great Ken. Thanks!

  6. Christopher Says:

    cool..reminds me of a 60s kinda thing

  7. She’s got the female Joe Dallesandro look.

  8. Moobs: man-boobs? A shirtless Orson would definitely have those.

  9. Yes, “moobs” is a UK term but expect to see it catch on everywhere in this body-conscious word. But maybe “bingo wings” is too culture-specific to do likewise.

    I did see topless Orson action, possibly in Higham’s bio. It was Orson in the sauna trying to sweat off some weight, snapped by some sneaking paparazzo. I don’t think I’d reprint such images here.

  10. Andrew Myer’s brother Frank had (has? not at all sure if he’s still with us) boobs. They’re on view in Meyer’s film Flower Child, co-starring the ineffable Joy Bang.

  11. Thanks for the shirtless Sofia (whose movies I like a lot, even the much maligned Marie Antoinette). Can we have one of Jason Reitman next?

    But seriously… I interrupt this conversation to congratulate the two Daves — Dave C. for his film script and Dave E. for his Red Shoes notes (don’t get me started on restored The Red Shoes because my one chance to see it on the big screen has been blown). Thus, a cake. AND June Marlowe.

    Shot at 2010-03-10

  12. Well, that didn’t work. Let’s try that again.


  13. That didn’t work either. Maybe this?

  14. Well, shoot. One last chance. If it doesn’t work, just go to the link.

    Shot at 2010-03-10

  15. [IMG][/IMG]

  16. Sorry. :(

    I slink back to lurking. *slink* (A preview function would help!)

  17. Number three works! And thanks! I’ll keep my eyes peeled for a peeled Jason Reitman.

  18. Number three works? All I see is a link, not a picture. Hope you liked it. There are 2,442 Clash of the Wolves screencaps (including more June Marlowe with cake pics) at my site. :)

    Just kidding about Reitman. Really. Though I look forward to his next movie.

    And you’re SOOO right about Burton’s Alice.

  19. Yes, it works as a link but the picture doesn’t show. I’m afraid I have no idea how you make pics show up in comments.

    I’ll have a look at your site. That’s a lot of screen-caps! For everyone else, that site is:

    Just found some more Rinty movies in a collection which I hope to access soon.

  20. Here’s Preminger acting coy with his shirt off:

  21. Fantastic! And so titillating. A shame I can’t copy and paste the pic, it seems to be protected somehow. What a jewel in my collection that would be!

  22. David, I’ve just emailed it to you, so you can have a new jewel in your collection.

  23. And for Sofia in action (directed by Spike Jonze):

  24. The video doesn’t play here, but if you double-click on it you’ll be taken to YouTube for the full glory.

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