Wendy Toye

Wendy Toye, one of Britain’s most important female filmmakers, has died aged 92. I’ve written here, here and here about her short film mini-masterpieces. Though Toye’s feature films generally didn’t live up to the brilliance of her shorts — due to studio politics and commercial repression more than anything else — her professionalism opened the way for other women to break into the male-dominated industry.


7 Responses to “Wendy Toye”

  1. Link is broken!

  2. Tony Williams Says:

    I remember seeing Wendy’s THE STRANGER LEFT NO CARD theatrically years ago as well as that feature films she directed with Nigel Patrick, David Tomlinson and a 50s singing star. It was a shame she had no further opportunities.

  3. All for Mary is the skiing comedy. I think it may have been the final straw. Her shorts were brilliant when she had creative control.

  4. Tony Williams Says:

    From what I remember of ALL FOR MARY, I’m not surprised.

  5. Actually, looking at her credits, she managed a few features after that one, and she didn’t give up hope of making an artistically ambitious feature until she quite the business. But nobody in the British film industry wanted such a thing.

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