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Q – The Winged Arrow

Posted in FILM with tags , , on February 26, 2010 by dcairns

Time’s winged arrow is fired into the far-flung future by filmmaker “Q”, AKA Gaston Quiribet, who depicts the future of London in this amazing trick-film from 1924. The film actually looks back to the trick-films of early cinema (you know, earlier than ’24) as well as forward to a nightmare vision of a flooded London (which may yet come to pass).

Thanks to London’s Screen Archives for posting this film, and to Neil Lockwood for bringing it to my attention. It makes a nice addition, I think, to the Film Preservation Blogathon hosted here and here, partly because the images show the ravages of time in places, and partly because the melted, bubbling mess that “Q” uses to liquify his images and then translate them into their future selves, is a vivid analog of the process of decay experienced by celluloid itself as it moves forward in time.

The combination of past and future decay here reminds me of Gustave Doré’s Victorian vision of a post-apocalyptic London —

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