I’m back!

Normal service has been resumed as soon as possible.

9 Responses to “I’m back!”

  1. Tell us what happened. I do hardware upgrades all the time, so I’d be interested in hearing what went wrong.

  2. I still don’t know. Installed new memory as instructed. System error. Guy on helpline said only thing to do was reinstall system, but this would mean I’d lose everything. So I lugged the puter to a repair shop and got them to retrieve the really essential stuff — like the script I’m being paid to write — then I inserted the disc and attempted to reinstall. It came back and everything was still intact. I’m baffled but relieved — also slightly nervous.

  3. Good thing you didn’t listen to the helpline, they read from a script (yes, really). Most people who have valuable stuff on their disk without backups, I’ll take the disk out and mirror it on my system first before doing any reinstallation, then reinstall all the files after the hardware (unless it’s the disk itself, which I don’t have the recovery equipment for) is repaired. Helpful hint – stuff like scripts or anything valuable, make sure you got a backup somewhere – a DVD-ROM, USB stick, anything. I had to get a musician to do that for the songs he wrote, raw and mixed tracks. He lost songs on his laptop, then asked for help.

  4. Say, David, look what’s coming in May…


  5. Christopher Says:

    she no kill me I think”…..pretty damn entertaining movie I don’t mind saying..

  6. Yep, I can go public and admit I’ve written a piece for the Stagecoach DVD. Very exciting!

  7. David,

    Congratulations on the DVD!

    I’m doing some research on title cards and I’d love to ask you a few questions. I asked before, you agreed, and then I then completely dropped the ball. My bad.

    Would you mind sending me an email at gscottrobinson (at) gmail.com? I promise not to ask much – just a few questions.



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