System Error

I’m going to be without a computer for a few days at least, since I made the mistake of trying to add memory and then everything went kerflooey. I’d like to be able to promise this won’t affect my blog posting, but I rather suspect it will. Maybe expect a new post every couple of days, until further notice…

21 Responses to “System Error”

  1. david wingrove Says:

    Not having much of a clue what ‘adding memory’ involves, I’m hugely impressed that you even tried. Keep up the great work! We’ll be thrilled to have you back.

  2. What the heck is this still from?!?!

  3. And what a great still it is.

  4. It looks like an outtake from Hallelujah the Hills

  5. I don’t think it’s from a film–it’s a real listening device invention: see

  6. Something for the weekend:

  7. While we’re just hanging around, the Berlinale is featuring a live stream of the restored “Metropolis” here:

    Starts in about an hour and forty-five minutes from whenever now is for you.

  8. Thanks for the entertainment, Peter and Katya. JRSM is correct that the still has nothing to do with movies, although I would welcome a movie in which everybody wore one of those. Perhaps an early talkie?

  9. I like the way one “ear” turns up and the other down. Whatever they were up to, they didn’t forget the cuteness.

    More from the Berlinale website: Awhile back someone mentioned that a film about Ferdinand Marian, of “Jud Suss” infamy, was being made in Germany. It’s in competition at the Berlinale:

  10. Now I’ve got bad Germans in one window and good Germans in the other.

  11. (No sign when or whether this promised Metropolis livestream is ever going to start. They’ve just been showing promo stuff.)

  12. Agh! Long shot of an outdoor screen.

    Never mind.

  13. Wow, pretty quiet around here. I can hear the crickets chirpin’.

  14. Well, they were chirpin’. Now I think they’re all stressed out.

  15. “I like the way one “ear” turns up and the other down. Whatever they were up to, they didn’t forget the cuteness.”


    Things are looking promising with the comnputer, maybe I’ll be back online by close of play today — touch wood. Meanwhile, my local Chinese internet cafe will allow me to update…

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