The Shadowplay Impossible Film Quiz: February Edition

A typically enthusiastic reaction.

Round (1) The dreaded Quotations Round.

a) “Well, he didn’t have anything to spend it on, did he? Stuck out in Greece. Lowest standard of living in Europe.”

b) “Fucking bollocks.”

c) “Come back here, Sidney, I wanna chastise you!”

d) “You are determined to get me in the salade.”

Round (2) Lowest Common Denomonators. What do the following have in common?

a) Colin Farrell; James  Coburn; José Luis López Vásquez.

b) Ken Russell; John Boorman; Janet Gaynor.

c) Andy Serkis; Slim Pickens; Haruo Nakajima.

d) Roman Polanski; Kim Novak; Wile E Coyote.

Round (3) Images round. Identify the following films ~

There’s a whopping connection between all four which should help. Name the connection.

Round (4) What connects the following directors?

a) Jules Dassin; Roy Boulting; Serge Gainsbourg.

b) Claudio Guerín; Juzo Itami; Humphrey Jennings.

c) Ronald Neame; Jack Clayton; Guiseppe Patroni Griffi; Michael Lindsay-Hogg.

d) Francois Truffaut; William Wyler; Luis Bunuel.

Round (5) Who did what to whom?

a) Who has sex while wearing a full suit of armour?

b) Who achieved satisfaction hanging on hooks over a bleached corpse?

c) Name any two actors who have played zero gravity sex scenes.

d) “I can’t fuck a gorilla!” complained Steve Martin in 1983’s THE MAN WITH TWO BRAINS, But who could, and did, yield to the loveplay of an ape three years later?

Round (6) Dwarfs round. Name the missing small person.

a) Happy, Dopey, Sneezy, Grumpy, Sleepy, Bashful and – ?

b) Randall, Wally, Fidget, Ogg, Strutter and – ?

c) Screwball and – ?

d) Fili, Kili, Oin, Gloin, Thorin Oakenshield, Dwalin, Balin, Bifur, Bofur, Bombur oh the hell with this.

Round (7) Missing limbs round. In which film does ~

a) Arthur Lowe’s severed head end appear mounted on a milk bottle?

b) Robert Alda’s hand play the piano, unaccompanied?

c) Herbert Lom’s thumb go to the guillotine?

d) Ed Begley Jnr’s arm pop out of a panther?

Round (8) Music round.

a) Why should we expect to meet Montgomery Clift and David McCallum in ALIEN?

b) Why should we expect to meet William Shatner in TITANIC? Asides from the fact that he would improve it immeasurably?

c) Why should we expect to meet Yves Montand in 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY?

d) Why should we expect Tim Matheson to meet a cartoon wolf in NATIONAL LAMPOON’S ANIMAL HOUSE?

This man is not a clue.

Round (9) Before they were famous. Who were ~

a) Diana Fluck?

b) Herbert Charles Angelo Kuchacevich ze Schluderpacheru?

c) Barbara Seagull?

d) Angela Dorian?

Round (10) The halt and the lame.

a) What would, late in life, disqualify Mitchell Leisen and Maurice Tourneur for the role of Tarzan?

b) What connects Orson Welles directing his first film with John Huston directing his last?

c) What connects Terry Gilliam casting his dream girl in BRAZIL with Josef Von Sternberg directing THE SHANGHAI GESTURE (according to them, anyway)?

(d) What did Michelangelo Antonioni and Nagisa Oshima both have to struggle with?

Bonus question: What connects Buster Keaton and Lee Van Cleef?

37 Responses to “The Shadowplay Impossible Film Quiz: February Edition”

  1. OK, bonus question first because that was easy for me. They were both missing part of a finger. Now, back to the start………

  2. I (c) Sweet Smell of Success – the words of that fat rentacop as he slowly slimes towards Sidney Falco, for purposes unspeakable.

    2 (a) Phone booths.

    4 (a) All married their iconic leading ladies.

    5 (d) Charlotte Rampling in Max Mon Amour.

    7 (a) Theatre of Blood
    7 (d) Cat People (Schrader)

    9 (a) Diana Dors
    9 (c) Barbara Hershey

    10 (a) I’m going to have to say one-leggedness.
    10 (b) Er, they were both on oxygen tanks?
    10 (c) Hmm, let me guess – they hypnotised their respective cast members? Oh no, that’s Herzog. Gah. Nearly time to go to work. One more!
    10 (d) Encroaching dementia, is my guess. Now I really need to leave the house. Damn you, Cairns!

  3. 1c – jj hunsecker
    5a – uther pendragon
    5d – dian fossey
    6a – the one from DON’T LOOK NOW
    6b – vermin
    9a – diana dors
    9b – herbert lom
    10a – one leg too few

  4. AnneBillson Says:

    Third picture question is Winter Kills, I think.

  5. AnneBillson Says:

    9d Victoria Vetri (who used the name Angela Dorian in Rosemary’s Baby)

  6. AnneBillson Says:

    7b The Beast with Five Fingers?

  7. AnneBillson Says:

    2b They all attacked Alexander Walker.
    2c They all played monsters.

    Round 3 – the pics: Is John Huston the connection?

    in which case,
    3a Candy
    3d Under the Volcano

  8. 1a – Time Bandits

    6a – Doc
    6b – Vermin (and Horseflesh, even though they think he’s dead)
    6c – Brown Tom
    6d – Dori, Ori, Nori

    7a – Theatre of Death
    7c – A Shot in the Dark

    8a – Freud – Alien uses peices of Goldsmith’s score from Huston’s Freud, starring Clift and McCallum (originally used as a temp track but Scott and the editor kept it in, to Goldsmith’s wrath). Specifically used during the Acid Bleed scene, Dallas’ demise in the air shaft and I think when Ripley disvoers the truth about Ash.

  9. AnneBillson Says:

    1D Marius Goring in A Matter of Life and Death

    AA They all married actresses young enough to eb be their granddaughters.

    5C Jane Fonda and James Spader

  10. 1c — Emile Meyer in Sweet Smell of Success

  11. And yes that’s Huston in Winter Kills

  12. Whew. This is my lunch break.

    1a is indeed Time Bandits.
    1b Unsolved. Think punk rock!
    Everybody’s partway right on 1c, but David E nails it.
    1d is indeed A Matter of Life and Death.

    2a Paul nails it.

    Round 3, Huston is indeed the link, Under the Volcano and Winter Kills are correct, the other two stills have not yet been ID’d.

    4a yes to Paul, sort of to Anne.

    5a Yes to Alex, but NO on d! Paul gets 5d
    James Spader has zero-G sex in Supernova, not sure we can count Fonda (she’s alone) but what the hell, OK.

    Brian R is sound on dwarfs! Also quite correct re 8a Alien and Freud. I’ll have to make this harder.

    Paul & Brian 7a correct
    Anne 7b correct
    Brian 7c correct
    Paul 7d correct

    Round 9 all correct! Mia Farrow says “Did anyone ever tell you you look just like Victoria Vetri?”

    10a Paul is correct, both lost legs.
    10b oxygen tank is wrong, but on the right track
    10c and d nobody hads it yet.

    Off you go!

  13. Right…
    1a Elsa Lanchester “One of Our Dinosaurs is Missing”
    1b Helen Mirren “The Shop”
    1c Burt Lancaster “Lying Sidney”
    1d Nigel Hawthorne “Gandhii”

    2a All have played a character called Bullseye
    b All guests on Children’s ITV game-changer “Gilbert’s Fridge”
    c All were ready to take over from Heath Ledger should he have died shooting Brokeback Mountain
    d All very good at ski jumping. All voiced by Mel Blanc.

    3a Casino Royale
    b Casino Royale
    c Casino Royale
    d Casion Royale
    Connection: They are all Casino Royale

    4a All made musicals about policemen
    4b All have brothers who didn’t make films.
    4c All have characters based on them in James Cameron’s “Aliens”.
    4d All made films in which a man kicks a violin.

    5a Gabricorinel Byredegavene
    5b Fantastic Mr. Fox
    5c Donald Sutherland, Julie Christie.
    5d Roger Moore. In Octopussy probably. Pretty much everything happened in that movie.

    6a Gort
    6b Yentl
    6c Fuck nuts
    6d oh

    7a Inglourious Basterds
    7b Prospero’s Books
    7c Todd Haynes’ Tale of Two Cities
    7d Pink Panther

    8a Because we’ve all seen “Freud” apparently, clearly.
    8b He was on it. Singing. Insisting the band played on. So he could sing.
    8c Voice of the monolith. Hated all that “doublidoublidididoudou”.
    8d His character’s name was Carl Stalling. He only had one eye. Pigs. No idea.

    9a Diana Fuck
    9b Herbert Charles Angelo Kuchacevich ze Schluderpacheru Lom
    9c Barbara C. Gull
    9d Gort

    10a They were directors
    10b Did so wearing artificially aging prosthetics
    10c Distracted by a buzzing
    10d Ghidra

    Bonus question
    Both unsuccessfully partnered with Jimmy Durante


  14. Oh, didn’t see latest posts. You’ll have to trust me. I mean obviously that would have changed everything.

  15. 1b) Great Rock ‘n’ Roll Swindle?

    2b) Catholicism?

    2d) If that had been Tippi Hedren instead of Kim Novak, I would have had to say trouble with birds

    3a) The Visitor
    3b) De Sade

    4b) died in falls
    4d) Wuthering Heights

    5c) Roger Moore and Lois Chiles

    6d) Frito and Dildo

    10b) Both films partially directed from wheelchairs
    10c) Gilliam met his dream girl on a train, while Sternberg tried to recreate the rhythm of a dream by having his film imitate the rhythm of a train
    10d) a stroke

    bonus: They both had hawk noses and crashed trains during the U.S. civil war.

  16. 2D All three have fallen from great heights (The Tenant, Vertigo, every Roadrunner cartoon ever made.)

  17. estienne64 Says:

    1b: Joe Strummer’s memorable first words in Mystery Train
    2c: They all played King Kong (the big ape himself for Serkis and Nakajima; Major ‘King’ Kong in Dr Strangelove for Pickens)
    5b: Vincent D’Onofrio in The Cell

  18. Estienne — absolutely right.

    David E and Chuck V — correct re the deathfalls but we could go even further.

    Simon — genius!

    Chuck V nails the remaining photos, and gets us some more zero-G lovers, as well as nailing the connections between Welles and Huston, and Antonioni and Oshima, both of whom lost the power of speech after major strokes, and both of whom continued to make films (Oshima recovered, Antonioni just soldiered on).

    Forgot to mention earlier that JADean solved the bonus question, although the Civil War link is intriguing, and Alex got Uther Pendragon right.

    What’s left? More detail on 2d, plus
    4b, 4c, 4d
    8b, 8c, 8d
    They’re difficult to be sure, but it looks like they’re possible.

    I think Anne is winning but I haven’t added it up yet.

  19. Fee here. James Spader has zero-G sex in Supernova? Why haven’t I seen this?!

  20. “I think he’s attempting re-entry, sir.”

    We must have an Alan Smithee based round next time. Supernova was the first film directed by Smithee’s nonexistent successor, “Thomas Lee.”

  21. AnneBillson Says:

    2D They all fall from a great height more than once (though Novak doesn’t actually fall the first time)?

    4D They all directed films about amputees?

  22. 2B – devils: ken russell directed THE DEVILS, janet gaynor was in 4 DEVILS and john boorman directed DEVILERANCE

  23. 2B – and they all married costume designers too

  24. Anne, 2d, great! 4d, did they? Certainly not what I was thinking of, but great if you can prove it.

    Alex, your second guess is quite correct. Although in Boorman’s case we could probably specify that he MADE his wife costume designer on Zardoz. I’m not sure that bandoliers, thigh boots and nappy look was the work of a pro. Only the Janet Gaynor marriage was lavender. So far as we know. The very gay Adrian actually managed to get her knocked up, then the baby almost died. “Don’t tell me I have to go through all THAT again,” he is alleged to have said (according to Gavin Lambert).

  25. AnneBillson Says:

    4d – can’t think of a Truffaut film featuring an amputee, unfortunately.

  26. OK, I’ll clue you — you’re on the right track with disability, but it’s more about the filmmakers than their films.

  27. 4b) they were all suicides. I didn’t say that originally because I wasn’t certain suicide has been proven in the case of Guerín

    4d) They all became hard of hearing, apparently. I was hoping that Truffaut has started a Wuthering Heights project that Rivette had taken over.

  28. Of course, at the risk of costing myself a point (didn’t realize that score was being kept!) I think I should point out that Citizen Kane was not Orson’s first film. Then again maybe he used a wheelchair for Hearts of Age as well.

  29. I don’t think Jennings was a suicide, Chuck, Think more about MANNER of demise.

    Deafness is indeed the answer. Truffaut got a perforated eardrum doing his military service (along with a dishonorable discharge for deserting to go to the cinema), Wyler lost most of his hearing flying in bombers in WWII, Bunuel gradually went deaf leading to his retirement.

    You’re right re Welles. Should have specified FEATURE film.

  30. 4b) they fell to their deaths while making their final film.

    Phew, I’m worn out. No more guessing for me.

  31. Half the answers were up before I even woke up this morning. Sheesh, living in CA has its downside. 4c is the only one left that intrigues me, since I hadn’t even thought of Michael Lindsay-Hogg in years. And like others, I have no answer.

  32. 4b They fell to their deaths — not sure they were involved in a shoot at the time.

    Clue to the Lindsay-Hogg: adaptation.

    Brian R’s answer to the first music question provides a sort of hint to the other three.

    10c, I don’t think anybody’s going to get this. Gilliam casting Brazil and Sternberg shooting Shanghai Gesture, according to their accounts, were both flat on their backs, having put said backs out.

  33. I’m assuming in round 8 that the films mentioned make use of music from other films.

    8c – Richard Strauss’ Blue Danube features in both 2001 and The Wages of Fear?

    8b – Only connection I can make is that James Horner scored both Titanic and Star Trek 2 & 3. He has been accused of plagiarsing himself before (see Aliens and Patriot Games) but not in these scores to my knowledge. Hmmm…

  34. Yeah, “died in falls” was my first guess. Beyond that I dunno. Fell from towers? I refuse to look it up!

    Oh, and BTW, I never did get my preference and address to you, regarding last month’s quiz. Couldn’t find an e-mail for you.

  35. Yes to 8c, Brian.
    It’s been suggested that Horner’s score for the Titanic being launched is very very close to Goldsmith’s score for The Enterprise launcing in ST:TMP. So he doesn’t just plagiarize himself, possibly…

    Died in falls is all it is.

    Chuck, I’ll email you.

  36. I’ve heard tha about Titanic and ST:TMP before but I can’t find any real similarity between the two (just listened to both). Perhaps strucutrally. Always thought it was some kind of movie myth. If anything, Horner rips himself off by using a melody very similar to far and Away.

  37. Hmm, interesting. I guess that one was unguessable, then.

    8d Tim Matheson whistles “Peter and the Wolf” all the way thru Animal House. Easy!

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