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Dick Laurent is Dead

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I think it was during Mark Cousins’ interview with David Lynch at the Edinburgh Film Festival, concerning the then-recent LOST HIGHWAY, that Lynch claimed that the film’s inciting incident, to use a bit of screenwriting jargon, was inspired by a real-life occurrence. Mark refused to believe at first that somebody had actually buzzed Lynch’s door buzzer and whispered “Dick Laurent is dead,” into the entryphone before vanishing into the morning like a fugitive wasp.

Mark has since struggled to believe that Lynch believes in angels, in the TV interview you can see on YouTube. I’m not sure why that should be a stretch.

But let’s stop and think about this rationally. Say you’re in LA. Say you find yourself in the vicinity of what you (somehow) know is Lynch’s house. Isn’t there a strong temptation to randomly buzz his buzzer, say something enigmatic, and then hightail it out of there, using every leg at your command, leaving the maestro with another inspirational mystery to get his teeth into?

Two thoughts follow from this ~

1) if you did this, it’s really impressive of you to remain silent and not claim the credit after he makes the film. But then, maybe you died shortly after you said it and before LOST HIGHWAY was released.

2) maybe the voice actually said something like “DeLaurentiis’ dad,” a reference to DUNE producer Rafaella DeLaurentiis and her father Dino?