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The Shadowplay Impossible Film Quiz

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Win £££! Using a permanent marker on your monitor, plot your way through Mr Antonioni’s perspex labyrinth.

By popular demand — The Shadowplay Impossible Film Quiz.

Some of you may know some of the answers. Some of you may know none of the answers. But the questions have been chosen mainly for their ability to inspire interestingly wrong answers. So have a guess! Prizes will be awarded more or less at random.

Round (1) The Quotations round. What films do these salient remarks stem from? For extra points, who said them, and what was going through their minds at the time? For extra, extra points, what were they wearing?

a) “Was the smudge trying to warn Clive of danger?”

b) “Does this mean Ann-Margret’s not coming?”

c) “They have a wonderful way of baking the cheese on it so that it’s very crispy.”

d) “All that leaping up and down in those… That’s what I behaviour!” (sic)

Round (2) Lowest Common Denominators round. What do the following groups of films have in common?

a) The Piano; The Ghost Ship (Robson); Susan Slept Here.

b) American Beauty; The Devil’s Backbone; The Honeypot; Sunset Boulevard.

c) Blood from the Mummy’s Tomb; The Student of Prague (1935 version); A Dandy in Aspic.

d) The Poseidon Adventure; Night of the Hunter; A Place in the Sun (looking for something fairly specific).

e) The Pink Panther Strikes Back; Raiders of the Lost Ark; The Abominable Dr Phibes.

Round (3) Images round. Identify the films depicted here.

Round (4) Lowest common denominators Part 2. What do the following directors have in common?

a) Francois Truffaut; Rainer Werner Fassbinder; Ted Tezlaff; Jacques Tourneur.

b) Paper Moon; Kind Hearts and Coronets; The Invisible Ghost.

c) Julien Duvivier; Alan J Pakula; FW Murnau.

d) Leni Riefenstahl; Terence Young; Shin San-Ok.

Round (5) Who did what to whom?

a) Who has or had a screening room with a seat wide enough for three?

b) Who was seeing critic Gavin Lambert and actress Marilyn Monroe at the same time?

c) Who was found trussed up in the bath, dead, with rude words written on him in lipstick?

d) Who was, allegedly, choked, or possibly bludgeoned, to death with a gold statuette modeled on Valentino’s erect penis?

Round (6) Actors. What do the following groups of actors have in common?

a) Eric Campbell; Desmond Llewellyn; François Dorleac.

b) Peter Firth; Robert Shaw; Wayne Sleep; Gert Fröbe.

c) Michael Gothard; Michael Lonsdale; Caroline Munro.

d) Anne Parrilaud; Marcello Mastroianni; Marshall Thompson.

Round (7) Missing limbs round. In which films can you see the following?

a) An (apparently) eyeless Jennifer Jones?

b) An (apparently) eyeless Ida Lupino?

c) A 53-year-old albino hypnotherapist with a wooden leg?

d) A severed head attempting oral sex?

e) A headless John Malkovich doing pratfalls?

Round (8) The Forgotten. Who has amnesia and who’s faking?

a) Mr Arkadin

b) Harry Angel

c) Gertrude Kockenlocker

Round (9) Before they were famous. Who started out as

a) The Living Hypnotic Corpse

b) Worthless Willie

c) Joseph McGinty Nichol

Round (10) The halt and the lame. Tex Avery, John Ford, Nick Ray, Fritz Lang, Andre deToth and Raoul Walsh all had eyepatches or missing eyes. But who —

a) Had a steel plate in his skull?

b) Had a thumb mangled in a mangle as a child?

c) Had fingers blown off by a stick of prop “dynamite”?

d) Claimed to have no belly button (possibly)?

e) Had a third nipple?

Prizes will be negotiated for those who seem to deserve them! Ludicrous guesses are at least as valuable as correct answers. And it may interest you to know that I wrote the first six questions in December but when I came back to them today I couldn’t remember or figure out some of the answers so I had to change the questions. It’s THAT difficult.