Banner Headline

I’ll be impressed with my readers if you can identify the film my new banner comes from (with home-made drop-shadow), but then I’m always impressed with you anyway.

A clue: the director has been mentioned in connection with Shadowplay in 2010.

16 Responses to “Banner Headline”

  1. Phantom Lady perchance?

  2. Right director, but the film is quite a bit more obscure…

  3. A Peacock Says:

    It looks like Sterling Hayden on the left, but he never appeared in a Siodmak movie did he?

  4. Well, certainly not in this one!

  5. The Strange Affair of Uncle Harry ?

  6. Still not obscure enough!

  7. is it The Great Sinner?

  8. The Rough and the Smooth?

  9. Mm, no, never seen that one actually.

    This really is near impossible, it’s from before RS’s American period…

  10. That’s Gordon Brown surely. Being a pee-pee or having a fag break. And is that an ermine-clad Speaker of the House of Commons inside?

    Don’t know the director though.

  11. Ah, David – you’re the only other person I’ve seen use the “Year We Make Contact” line. I keep getting blank looks.

  12. Roy Orbison is always welcome, but he does not supply the answer.

    Mike, the best line I read was on Twitter “So far 2010 just seems like a really inferior sequel to 2001.”

  13. Christopher Says:

    I was gonna say,judging by the lady’s clothes,its an early 30s picture..

  14. Well done sir! Now I have to write something about it for tomorrow.

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