Festive Cheer

Snapped this at my local Waterstones bookstore while attempting to Christmas shop. Laughed for about five minutes straight. Some disgruntled book-stacker, perhaps, adding a spot of yuletide joy to the store? Or is this an official category now?

So, who has a painful life? Apparently, Patrick Swayze, Elizabeth Taylor and, surprisingly, David Tennant. It appears that all lives between the letters S and Z are painful. Boy am I glad I’m at the front of the alphabet, as far away as possible from all that pain!

Don’t worry, things will get more Christmassy here soon!

15 Responses to “Festive Cheer”

  1. It’s an official category in Waterstone’s now, at least down here. It goes nicely along with that other expanding genre: “Supernatural Romance”.

  2. What next? Dyspeptic Westerns? Delusional Sports? Bovine History?

  3. ‘Painful Lives’ has been adopted by Waterstone’s and other book retailers as the public term for what is otherwise known as ‘misery lit.’ It’s very easy to identify the genre as the covers have a uniform style – title in cursive script in pink or blue, child’s face in soft focus with the eyes emphasised, all on pale, pastel background. The charity bookshop where I volunteer gets them donated by the hundred – and bins most of them. I blame Dave Peltzer.

  4. Painful Lives…Is there any other kind?

  5. I’d like bookshops to have a new separate category: “PAINFUL READS (purchase at your own risk)”

  6. That category would take all the stuff that really sells!

  7. Don’t worry, things will get more Christmassy here soon!

    Must it?

  8. Number one on the shelf for PAINFUL LIVES would be the Bible itself. It might even qualify on the Painful Reads shelves. And it Sells!

  9. Must it? It already has!
    Especially with the news that we may be snowed in tomorrow and therefore unable to attend the gathering of the clans. Instead we shall opt to reenact all the log cabin stuff from Chaplin’s The Gold Rush.

    The New Testament certainly offers a Painful Life, or at any rate a Painful Death. Come to think of it, why can’t we have a Painful Deaths section?

  10. Snow? It hasn’t snowed here since I was in high school. And that was in March.

  11. You guys obviously haven’t been polluting the atmosphere enough.

  12. Heh, we used to burn the rice fields around the city in September, which left a nice smoky smell in the air and stinging to the eyes through Thanksgiving. It was as much a signal of the change of season as the leaves turning. It stopped in the late ’80s, they just plow it under now. We used to have day after day of fog in winter, too, until all the agricultural land (hundreds of thousands of acres) around the city was developed. Now, no more days of fog.

  13. The smoke thing sounds lovely! Festive despoliation!

  14. Christmas hijinks! For some reason the cops went up and down our street, searchlights shining, and one stopped out front searching for someone and centering the search around our house and next door. Could be a neighbor’s house got looted, but I didn’t see or hear a thing. They were searching furiously, which leads me to think maybe it was something bigger than property crime.

  15. Whew! Hope everyone’s OK.

    We managed to escape the house and go to my folks’ for a slap-up meal and presents. So far major incidents have been avoided! Although Dr Who had some truly appalling voiceover writing delivered by poor old Timothy Dalton, who deserves better. Oh, and somebody floored the Pope.

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