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Santa’s Angry

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L’ASSASSINAT DE PERE NOEL is so full of gorgeous images that it demands another post just to show them off, especially as they’re so seasonal. It’s snowing in Edinburgh too, as I type this (we never get a White Christmas normally).

This film is chocka with shadowy figures skulking through the snowdrifts, bent on criminous misdeeds. Which is what Christmas is all about, at the end of the day, isn’t it?

Slay Ride

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A festive Forgotten for you over at the Auteurs’ Notebook — OK, somebody has shot Santa between the eyes, which isn’t quite in the Christmas spirit, but hey, at least there IS a Santa. Even if he’s dead.

Festive Cheer

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Snapped this at my local Waterstones bookstore while attempting to Christmas shop. Laughed for about five minutes straight. Some disgruntled book-stacker, perhaps, adding a spot of yuletide joy to the store? Or is this an official category now?

So, who has a painful life? Apparently, Patrick Swayze, Elizabeth Taylor and, surprisingly, David Tennant. It appears that all lives between the letters S and Z are painful. Boy am I glad I’m at the front of the alphabet, as far away as possible from all that pain!

Don’t worry, things will get more Christmassy here soon!