15 Responses to “Framed!”

  1. He really is a master of suspense, in the literal sense.

  2. Master of suspension.

    Hang on, I’m just going to tweak this post so it reads better.

  3. So Cary Grant is trying to rob Alfred Hitchcock? Or are Hitchcock and Grant in cahoots trying to rob he pianist? Hitchcock poses as watch repairman and distracts pianist by small talk, while Cary Grant breaks in. Cockneys stick together after all.

  4. Cary was born in Bristol, so he’s not cockney. In fact, nobody seems to know WHAT that accent is. As Jack Lemmon rightly says in Some Like it Hot, “Nobody tawks loik that!”

    I think possibly Hitch is adjusting the clock in order to give himself an alibi. For something.

  5. Well his accent in Sylvia Scarlett seems Cockney. Anyway, they are british and in America, so they are in cahoots.

    He does look guilty doesn’t he? Our Hitch.

  6. Yes, it’s a furtive look.

    Everybody’s trying to sound cockney in Sylvia S. Cary’s no better at it than Katie. Not that that’s a real problem. It’s what we call Hollywood England: preferable in some ways to the real thing.

  7. Katie’s not Cockney, she’s French which she speaks with remarkable fluency in one scene.

    That’s a great article by Our Man in LA.

  8. Yes, I love that piece too.

    Just finished rereading McGilligan’s Hitch bio, which really brings home how near we are to the end of Hitchcock Year. Now to write Torn Curtain up…

  9. That’s a good biography, the McGilligan one. In terms of traditional biography that’s probably the best anyone can do on Hitchcock and it’s refreshingly sympathetic after the hatchet job he did on Lang and the one on Spoto, an ex-Franciscian monk did on the Master before. My favourite books on Hitchcock are Hitchcock At Work and Hitchcock-Truffaut but then there are all kinds of great books on him.

  10. Those are my two favourites as well. McGilligan’s is the most thorough and fair biography, I guess. There are lots of little mistakes, probably unavoidable — I’ll try to address the largest in my Torn Curtain post.

  11. McGilligan wrote a rather good Cukor bio too.

  12. My dad went to the same school as Cary Grant (Fairfield School in Bristol), albeit a few years later, and I can assure you that neither he nor any of the family spoke the way Grant did.

  13. Christopher Says:

    I think Cary’s been seeing a lady on the top floor and had to make a hasty exit out the window..and made an interesting discovery on the way down…

  14. …in the form of another lady… or possibly a gentleman.

    There’s a great Jules Feiffer cartoon about a middle-aged man who one day wakes up and sees Cary Grant in the mirror. “I went through the whole yesterday as Cary Grant. This morning I wake up, go to the mirror — no Cary Grant. I should’ve known. For a man my age, there is no permanent Cary Grant.”

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