The Passion

Maybe, for blogging purposes, I should abandon this quirky whimsical tone, and adopt some of the attitude evoked so ably by the late Lou Jacobi in Alan Arkin’s film of Jules Feiffer’s LITTLE MURDERS, which is the subject of this week’s Forgotten column over at The Auteurs’.

I dunno, though. I might burst something, and I’d definitely have to switch to


3 Responses to “The Passion”

  1. sorry to hear you are UnWell – Fiona bringing you an article about Scorsase from The Financial Times weekend edition a few weeks ago.

    take care

  2. A great article on one of my favorite films. Its darkly touching quality comes from it being written nearly entirely from the unconscious, like the best of Beckett, or novelist Stephen Wright. All the comedy springs up from the drama of everyone covering up the least enjoable world Pfiffer can imagine. You laugh because everbody is coping with their own suffering in very unsubtle ways while they think that no one can see them, which as everyone knows is the classic definition of Hell. It’s a world where psychotherapy isn’t needed because everyone is so obviously displaced and insane. it’s also a heavily religious-themed film rather than a Vietnam-era screwball. The question of how to love in a loveless world, when written this well, can sometimes result in the establishment of a religion.It was fitting that the first DVD copy of it came out in 2004 – when thinking people in this country were suffering from extreme depression over Bush and the world that the Republican Party was creating and utter hopelessness of the public discourse surrounding all of their Orwellian crap.

    “Patsy, I really, nearly trust you!”

  3. Feiffer says on the commentary that if he were making the movie now (ie 2004) he’d give the Vincent Gardenia role to John Ashcroft.

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