Preview of Coming Attractions…

What do we think of a guy who keeps a thing like this on his office desk? Mind you, I have a collection of porcelain dolls’ heads — oh, just enough to fill a jar — so I shouldn’t judge others. Let he who is without porcelain dolls’ heads cast the first cat portrait, as I believe the saying goes.

MARNIE post to follow.

3 Responses to “Preview of Coming Attractions…”

  1. I lack one, so I’ll cast first…it behooves a man possessing either a strong kitsch taste or someone with a perverse sense of humour or a combination of the two. Not that I’m passing judgment on Mr. Cairns or any other Porcelains Dolls’ Heads aficionados out there in the real or cyber world.

  2. Connery’s character certainly has the perverse humour, although I don’t think he’s MEANT to have kitsch taste. I’ll plead guilty to both. My lavatory is wallpapered with Funk & Wagnall’s Illustrated Dictionary.

  3. All my lavatory has is flesh-pink tiles. Mark Rutland isn’t kitsch but Hitchcock deliberately made his father dress in gaudy suits so that they would look as he told Jay Presson Allen, “fake-English”.

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