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Have you seen this man?

Posted in FILM with tags , , , on November 27, 2009 by dcairns

Yes, the one whose back is being licked by the giant skull?

Denis Gifford includes this image in his seminal big green book A Pictorial History of Horror Movies, but does not tell us what film it’s from. He does say it’s a Georges Melies. And some evidence of that can be gleaned by the style, the content, and the fact that the human postage stamp does look a bit like our Georges.

The multiplicity of skeletal imagery within the frame (love the fish above the door — a member of the herring family — they shrink when they’re marinated) suggested there might be a bone-related title, so I scrolled through the Melies filmography, and did find LES RAYONS RONTGEN, AKA A NOVICE AT X-RAYS, but that can’t be considered conclusive.

So if anyone out there has seen this film — and perhaps owns a copy — I’d like to hear about it.