Fey Awry

As The Auteurs’ Daily puts it on Twitter: “Roddy McDowell directed a film once. Once.”

Rush over to The Auteurs’ Notebook and wallow in the sensual delights of Ian McShane’s orange sunglasses in TAM LIN, this week’s Forgotten.


8 Responses to “Fey Awry”

  1. That was really lovely, and a prime example of why I check in to read you on a daily basis!

    “I should love to perform There Are Fairies in the Bottom of My Garden (Bea Lillie’s signature song), but I don’t dare. It might come out There Are Fairies in the Garden of My Bottom.”

    – Noel Coward

  2. david wingrove Says:

    God, I totally long to see this film! I once read an interview with Stephanie Beacham, where she spoke movingly of her experience as a young actress (fresh out of RADA) working on this film with the legendary Ava Gardner.

    Basically, Steph was in total awe of Ava…and was amazed by the way Ava invited her to tea in her hotel suite, had a good chat about the script and did everything in her power to put the young co-star at her ease.

    Not the behaviour you’d expect from an old-style Hollywood diva! I’ve heard similar ‘Ava stories’ from other sources…all of them amazed by her sheer niceness and total lack of ego and pretension.

    They really don’t make ’em like that anymore!

  3. Next time I see you I’ll give you a copy. Pretty sure you’ll love it. And there’s a good scene in Edinburgh. Astonishing to think of Roddy McD in my home town. “And did these feet / in ancient times…”

  4. isn’t that pic of Traquair House?

  5. Yes! Principle location for the lovey love-in that is Tam Lin. Just think, Ava Gardner at Traquair!

  6. my god ! if only i’d know that when my liittle bro got marriied there… are there many pics of traquair in film? Me thinks chrissy pressie for brother…

  7. Oh yeah, the whole film takes place there, pretty much. Although I think the interiors are probably a set. But — no official release for this movie, so you’ll have to get a DVD-R from me.

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