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Excitement by mail, in spite of strikes by postal workers who might fairly be characterized as “disgruntled,” I received a handsome package across my threshold today, the new Eureka! Masters of Cinema box set of Fritz Lang’s MABUSE trilogy. I had not ordered said item — this was a free gift in recognition of my having contributed a tiny piece of writing to the booklet accompanying THE THOUSAND EYES OF DR MABUSE, the widely-derided yet oddly excellent third film in the series.

My subject — Fritz Lang’s wooden monkey, Peter — is perhaps an unconventional one, but hey, to quote  Charles Nelson Reilly, “It’s that kind of show.”

You can look forward to more appearances by myself within the glossy folders of your future purchases, all part of my ongoing plan to live in a big house, wear expensive jewels, and eat regularly.

Contribute to my financial wellbeing by following the link below and making your puchase (of MABUSE or anything else) —

The Complete Fritz Lang Mabuse Box Set [DVD] [1922]

Big thankyous to MoC and the divine Craig Keller.


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Suppose she turned suddenly on him and said:

‘Yes, I was dead. I’ve come back from down there. And these blue eyes of mine have seen…’

Would he not fall dead himself, struck by lightning?

‘Now I really am going out of my mind,’ he thought. ‘But if you carry logic to its uttermost extreme, isn’t that the same thing as madness?’

~ D’entres le Mortes, by Boileau and Narcejac.