Deluxe Angel


Head over to The Auteurs’ Notebook, damen und herren, where Miss Lola Lola has a little concertina she’d like you to cast an appraising eye over.

But for this, the latest edition of The Forgotten, you might want to wear your shades…

2 Responses to “Deluxe Angel”

  1. david wingrove Says:

    This may sound like heresy, but I actually think May Britt trumps Marlene in this role! La Dietrich, famously, found the part of Lola-Lola ‘horribly vulgar’ and we’re aware throughout the Sternberg film of a very classy lady ‘slumming it’ for the camera.

    Britt, on the other hand, is wholly believable as a fifth-rate cabaret artiste. Her singing and dancing are shoddy enough to convince us that this is where she belongs and that she’ll never progress much further. Dietrich (much like Liza Minnelli in CABARET) is just too overwhelmingy talented to play this sort of no-hoper.

    Britt also makes the character warm and likeable in way Dietrich never even tries to do. She never condescends to her role, but plays the character on her own terms – triumphantly!

  2. The script helps her by supplying her with more “motivation” and other stuff that doesn’t interest Sternberg. But I think it’s all a terrible mistake. Sternberg observed that his film would be nothing but the pathetic and tawdry story of a teacher destroying himself for a singer unless he created a powerful sense of erotic obsession. I think he’s right. And to achieve his aim, he’s happy to sacrifice anything else.

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