Congruence Upon Congruence


Influence or coincidence?

Painter John Forsythe creates an image of an undiscovered corpse, but only realises that’s what it is AFTERWARDS.

Wouldn’t it be nice if THE TROUBLE WITH HARRY’s artistic detection were an influence upon Antonioni’s BLOW UP, where photographer David Hemmings snaps an image in a park and later, enlarging it, discovers what appears to be a dead body? Because, if it were, then we have THE CONVERSATION, Francis Ford Coppola’s audio-based murder yarn, which is definitely influenced at least a touch by Antonioni, and then we have Brian DePalma’s BLOW OUT, which is influenced both by the Coppola and the Antonioni, and perpetrated in a style owing much to Hitchcock, thus bringing things almost full circle.


Plus there’s the pleasing added link of both Antonioni and Hitchcock painting the foliage in their scenery to make it suit their colour scheme.

Blow Up [DVD] [1966]

10 Responses to “Congruence Upon Congruence”

  1. Neat!

    Hadn’t noticed that.

  2. Hitchcock’s “Rear Window” also has a somewhat similar topic

  3. Whoa…

    The. Mind. Boggles

  4. There’s also Antonioni’s influence on Hitchcock, via the unmade Kaleidoscope-Frenzy, which certainly seemed to be aiming for the shiny-surface coldness of late-60s Antonioni.

  5. Not to mention that both directors made a film, in the very same year, in which a protagonist makes a sudden ‘exit’ partway through the narrative (PSYCHO/L’AVVENTURA).

  6. Seems like they were on some kind of parallel track!

  7. Christopher Says:

    I suppose it IS posible to mistake a dead body for something else…considering this item in the News today..,0,3558556.story

  8. There have been a few cases like that, including one where somebody leapt off a bridge and their body became stuck in a tree, where it was ignored for months. Ghastly, but in a way unsurprising. People tend to use Occam’s blunt razor, which tells them that a dummy is a simpler, more likely explanation than a stray corpse.

  9. Christopher Says:

    Dead people take on such an “other worldly” appearence..You can detect that there was once a spirit inside that hunk of flesh giving it animation and that now it is gone..not like somebody sleeping at all..
    You’ve probablly seen some of those foto books like “Sleeping Beauty”..where folks in the 19th century have had their dead loved ones all spruced up and posed for the camera…

  10. Yeah, rather eerie. I’ve also held a cat as she was being put to sleep, and the difference between livjng and dead is striking when you’re that close to it.

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