Imagination Time

You’ll just have to imagine Bob Fosse in KISS ME KATE is in 3D, as originally released.

Shouldn’t be too hard.

In other news, my 3D clip from THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON is finally up on YouTube, I think, having passed the “fair use” test. Put on your glasses NOW.

Which also serves as a reminder of the approaching Halloween Film Club, where we will all be watching THE HAUNTING (version originale), I hope. I may presage this with one of Robert Wise’s Val Lewton horrors. They’re all good.

21 Responses to “Imagination Time”

  1. Great dance sequence from KISS ME KATE. Timothy Carey might have benefited from a few lessons with this pair for his “dance” in Poor White Trash.

  2. david wingrove Says:

    You promise it’s the original THE HAUNTING? Not the one with Catherine Zeta-Jones? Now there’s a truly horrifying sight!

  3. Bob Fosse and Carol Haney were dancers in Jack Cole’s company. Haney was in The Pajama Game both on-stage and screen which Fosse choreographed. Famously she injured her leg one night during the run of the show and her understudy, Shirley MacLaine went on instead. Hal Wallis was in the audience that night.

    And the rest is Show Business Legend.

    He offered her a contract to come to Hollywood. Everyone told her no, but she went anyway — to star in <iThe Trouble With Harry and Artists and Models and so on and on and on and on.

  4. Here’s my dear, late friend Tony Holland — under Fosse’s direction.

  5. Arthur S. Says:

    Bob Fosse makes Michael Jackson look like a mannequin with yanked strings.

    Shirley MacClaine’s finest moment is SOME CAME RUNNING

  6. Hope to show Fiona Some Came Running one night soon. And I need to see it again in a good quality copy.

  7. david wingrove Says:

    Ah, the sublime “Take Off with Us”…that was the first musical number I ever saw (as an impressionable lad) that wasn’t strictly G-rated. It made a huge impression, as I’m sure you can imagine.

  8. Is nobody else unable to watch the Black Lagoon clip? Mine is “unavailable in this country”.

  9. That’s odd — I’m surprised YouTube would see any difference between Scotland (where it plays fine) and England. Can Americans see it?

  10. ————————–
    Is nobody else unable to watch the Black Lagoon clip?
    Moi, non plus.

  11. A song from Bobby Dylan:

  12. Christopher Says:

    Gillmans a NO GO in Texas too! :o(
    …Kiss Me Kate wouldn’t shut up when Bob Fosse’s All That Dancing came out in ’79..MGM musicals(old Musicals in general) got another big nostalgic look back surge like when Thats Entertainment came out earlier in the decade..

  13. “Can Americans see it?”
    This is what happens when I click on it: “Embedding disabled by request-Watch on YouTube”.

  14. Yeah, it seems I spoke too soon. Confusingly, *I* can now watch the video, but there’s no clue as to when if ever the copyright claim will be settled.

  15. Love the “From This Moment On” and “Steam Heat,” both of ’em featuring the dancer I’ve come to think of as Carol “The Screamer” Haney.

    The “From This Moment On” is only a fragment, though, of a three-couple number. Here’s the entirety of it:

    One should probably explain that the song itself wasn’t written for “Kiss Me Kate.” It was dropped from the ill-fated Porter show that followed “Kate,” “Out of This World,” and then inserted into the “Kate” movie. It was the movie that popularized it.

    Love the Di Chirico-like designs of the set for “Moment,” as well as the brassy arrangements … by Skip Martinor whoever-it-is.

  16. charles W. Callahan Says:

    I could comment, but at this stage…who needs it?

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