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Hand Acting

Posted in FILM with tags , on October 2, 2009 by dcairns

When I had the utter pleasure of directing the great Graham Crowden some years back, we had a couple of insert shots to do in which the Great Man was required to handle some seashells, and some coins.

“Just a bit of hand acting required here,” I would tell Graham.

“Oh I’m very good at that!” he would flash back, without fail. The same reply would also serve, it turned out, for foot acting, or anything else I suggested. A joy.

Here are some other good bits of hand acting I’ve enjoyed recently. Perhaps you can identify the hands in question, or the films, or both?


An easy one to start with! One of the great hand actors of all time.

Now something trickier, especially since I’m no longer sure myself who it is. But if I’m right, the words “You have to be Hungarian and double-jointed,” may serve as a clue.


Regular readers may recognise this one ~


And two more images from one more film —


Not sure who the guy in the foreground is, but his hand almost acts as an extension of the dude in the background’s performance. And some of you can probably identify him.

For bonus points — who are the best hand actors working today? I’m not sure I can think of any.