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Three Thugs, Three Ugly Mugs

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Who’s the guy on the left with the strangely extensive head? I’m not sure. Front and centre is the legendary actor, filmmaker and mentalloid Timothy Carey. On the right is a young and distinctly handsome Chuck Buchinski, AKA Charles Bronson.

The movie is CRIME WAVE, shot on location in 15 days by Hungarian cyclops Andre De Toth, a bullet-headed martinet with a passion for life and cinema. At the film’s climax, Carey and Gene Nelson (extremely good in what should be the boring good-guy role) crash end over end down a staircase together, no stuntmen in sight, meaning that either Carey can add masochist or wannabe suicide to his wide range of character malfunctions, or De Toth was indulging in his psychopathic tendencies again. Despite Carey’s undoubted eccentricity, I think the latter is more likely. De Toth seriously wanted his leading man in HOUSE OF WAX to lie under a guillotine while a props man sat on top of it, holding the blade between his boots. At De Toth’s signal, the hero was to roll aside, narrowly averting decapitation as the props guy parted his legs…

The actor politely but firmly said “No.” De Toth complained to the front office.

Aged 90, and having broken his own neck twice (once may be deemed unfortunate…), De Toth attended the Edniburgh Film Festival, still brimming with fire and gusto. A scouse friend, impressed by his energy levels, then  saw him try to descend three steps into the bar, with the aid of a hand rail. “It took him fookin’ ages.”

Truly, Time, though known as the Great Healer, will eventually kick the crap out of all of us.

Film Noir Classic Collection, Vol. 4 (Act of Violence / Mystery Street / Crime Wave / Decoy / Illegal / The Big Steal / They Live By Night / Side Street / Where Danger Lives / Tension)

Real Deep

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From Sunday, Shadowplay will be in 3D for a week — yes, a week! Dust off those red and cyan specs and prepare for the experience of a lifetime! Walk among our articles, enjoying the sight of text seen from behind, or sideways on. Look over the dapper gent in red’s shoulder and read his Space Patrol Bulletin. Adjust his clothing until it suits YOU, not some crazy law.

As Peter O’Toole is always saying, It’s going to be FUN!

UK: Thumbs Up 3D Glasses

US: 3D Glasses – Red and Blue Anaglyph Glasses (1 Pair)