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Mister Twitch

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Keeping me awake at night: apart from (thoughts of) the tambourine-and-keyboards player from the Dandy Warhols, the screaming maniacs in the tower block next door, and the cat clawing at my throat in order to get me to let her under the covers, there’s always THE FACE OF ROBERT NEWTON, looming from the gloom like a tumorous balloon, inflated with methane, mustard gas and whisky breath, eyes like twin singularities a-glint with maleficent know-how.

Over at The Auteurs’ Notebook we peruse HATTER’S CASTLE, starring both Emlyn Williams (who may have originated the phrase “Blackmail is such an ugly word”) and Robert Newton  (who may have originated the phrase “Ah-harr!”)

Mr. Newton always brings out my romantic, poetical side.