Failed Experiment


I always liked the idea of this title, but I don’t think the poster really comes together. Sorry! I wish Charles Laughton had a better musical debut.

7 Responses to “Failed Experiment”

  1. Broadway Melody of 1938 was Hitler’s favorite movie.

  2. Correction: Broadway Melody of 1940. And no wonder —

  3. Apparently the two films they found in his bunker were both German Sherlock Holmes films. And I recall hearing he was very taken with Lives of a Bengal Lancer. A man of varied tastes…

  4. Irving Thalberg usually offered sound film ideas to his friend Laughton to work in, but this one was sadly one of Irv’s misfires.

    Luckily, Laughton had the chance to make up things for this film with his later movie Fury of the Conga, frantically hoofing with all-dancing, all-singing co-star Deanna Durbin.

    Incidentally… why does he wear a pilot’s headwear? He was a proud member od the PBI! (Poor Bloody Infantry)

  5. Well, I had a copy of the Captains of the Clouds poster, and James Cagney’s flying helmet didn’t seem to suit him…

    Enjoyed seeing Charles cutting loose in The Laughton Club.

    There’s definitely an aesthetic link between Busby Berkeley and Nuremberg, as Mel Brooks recognised.

  6. Christopher Says:

    nothin’ beats them Broadyway Malady of.. and Big Broad Cast!

  7. And Broadway Arrhythmia of 1933.

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