El Doctor Loco


No explanation, or indeed excuse, seems adequate for this one.

7 Responses to “El Doctor Loco”

  1. Ha ha! Excellent. Reminds me of some of the more unusual posters to be found on ..bay. There are some rare Hollywood ones with foreign translations. My most treasured possession is an original poster print of the St. Valentines Massacre. Beautifull artwork.

  2. I used to like Joe Carioca as a kid, and wondered why one didn’t see more of him. Only later did I learn that he was the invention of the Good Neighbor Policy, and as soon as WWII was over such fraternal feeling towards the south-of-the-border nations was no longer deemed necessary.

  3. But the film and Saludos Amigos remain popular in Latin America to this day.

  4. You can see why! I really like the abstract musical animated bits.

  5. A song from John Prine:

  6. That was sweet!

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