Thugs/Ugly Mugs #2


12 hrs until Film Club tackles THE KILLING (and THE ASPHALT JUNGLE), with i hope your collaboration. Meanwhile here’s a cheap Photobucket distortion of man-myth Elisha Cook Jnr. He’s oddly hard to caricature, even starting out with his actual portrait. I thought enlarging the eyes and forehead and maybe shrinking the mouth would do it, but he kind of looks less like himself, when I was hoping for more.


Marie Windsor already looks like a (beautiful) space alien in floozy drag, so you can sort of drag her features all over the room and it still retains an ineffable Marie Windsor-ness. My God she’s brilliant. THE NARROW MARGIN should have sent her career through the stratosphere.


I messed about with this one A LOT, but it still looks exactly like the guy in the movie, who rejoices in the name of Kola Kwariani. Perhaps known as “Red Kola” to his friends? This man is pre-photoshopped.

8 Responses to “Thugs/Ugly Mugs #2”

  1. In many ways this is Marie’s movie.

  2. I’ve always thought actress Illeana Douglas looked a lot like Marie Windsor (Her face of course, especially those eyes. The chassis’s a whole different story). Just discovered Illeana’s the granddaughter of a certain Melvyn Douglas! What you did with Elisha’s face kind of messed me up, because the distortion’s rather subtle, at first glance I caught it but didn’t catch it, if you know what I mean. Our friend Kola Red resembles Herbert Lom’s wrestler father in NIGHT AND THE CITY, upon first viewing I thought that that was who he was. “The Academy of Chess and Checkers” (not to mention Scrabble).

  3. The man-mountain in Night and the City is even MORE impressive. They’re both really good actors, too, even though they struggle with English a little. Generally, Kubrick makes very good use of that here — the Italian motel owner has an incredibly strong accent.

    Didn’t know that about Ileana, although I had some notion she had a famous relative. I see what you mean about the eyes (although casual readers might need to check out a PROPER pic to see Marie in all her glory.)

  4. Christopher Says:

    lol..Marie Windsor looks like the mother of one of the BRAT dolls..

  5. What you’ve done to Marie Windsor is terrifying. One of my favourite noir dames for sure.

  6. Things always look up when she’s around. The Sniper goes downhill immediately she exits the plot.

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