Intertitle of the Week: Subway


An oddly anachronistic intertitle from Max Linder’s THE THREE MUST-GET-THERES, which, as its title strongly hints, is a somewhat lame Fairbanks spoof. But there are compensations — Linder himself is never less than appealing, and there are some grotesque images. In fact, the whole thing is weirdly unpleasant.


Bull Montana as the Cardinal, every bit as disturbing as a Francis Bacon screaming pope. Wasn’t Montana an ape-man in the silent LOST WORLD or something? The name stuck in my head from an old issue of Famous Monsters of Filmland (I owned two issues as a lad).


What’s odd here is the faithfulness to Dumas’ basic plot (or the first half of it, anyway), which sits uncomfortably with the anachronisms and anything-goes farce. I’m a big fan of AU SECOURS!, his Abel Gance-directed haunted house romp, but I’ve only seen extracts from his earlier French work. Must get better acquainted with it.

7 Responses to “Intertitle of the Week: Subway”

  1. Christopher Says:

    other than being one of Jed Clampett’s favorite actors on The Beverly Hillbillies tv show,Famous Monsters was the only other place i’d heard of Bull Montana!

  2. Seems to have been more a wrestler than an actor. I can’t quite work out why he’s chosen for the Linder film, since it doesn’t call for athletics. Just liked his face, I guess. And maybe the fact that he was managed by Fairbanks was an amusing connection.

  3. One of Granny’s favorites was Vilma Banky.

  4. I think we remember Bull Montana from Famous Monsters because it’s a name you’d like to have for your own, at least when you’re 13 years old.

    Yes, he did play the full-body makeup apeman in LOST WORLD. I also remember a picture of him with 3-inch long fangs, putting a headlock on Buster Crabbe’s Flash Gordon.

  5. Vilma.

    Ah, he was one of the Brute Men of Mongo? Along with Primo Carnera, who also turns up in Mighty Joe Young. God, my brain is like fly paper.

  6. Christopher Says:

    Get ‘er Sheik!..Dames is just trouble! ALLAH!

  7. Stern Islamic justice in action.

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