The Tender Gender Bender


“Why, Doctor Woman, without your penis, you’re… beautiful!”

33 Responses to “The Tender Gender Bender”

  1. Christopher Says:

    Peter Cushing???..I don’t think so!…good fil’um
    Man-Women!.Jungle Drums! Voodoo! Weeiiird Science!…

  2. Wow, never seen JJ vs FD. And I may have to!

    I like how Jerry hits the bar-room brawler with his WRIST. He’s so tough he can do that.

  3. I think Fredric March hit the server with his wrist in the Mamoulian film.

  4. Una Merkel is in my favourite spoof Westen, Destry Rides Again. Perhaps a spoof western qualifies as a gender bender?

  5. Wow, the wrist thing is a HOMAGE? That would be genius!

    Destry Rides Again is a superb movie. Anything with Dietrich is a gender bender by default.

  6. Marlene was a gender all to herself.

  7. Doktor Fraulein!

  8. Christopher Says:

    ..hammer horrooor hammer horrooor,won’t leave me alone..
    If I could only get my hands on some of this Serum,I’d never leave the house.

  9. Any fans of Neil Jordan’s The Crying Game and Breakfast on Pluto?

  10. Still haven’t seen either, incredibly, but Fiona is fascinated with Cillian Murphy in drag. Only in drag.

    There’s a review of Sister Hyde here somewhere, part of Dr Jekyll Week. (Sounds most euphonious if you pronounce it Jee-kill, like they do in the Mamoulian version.)

  11. Wow! This and Wee Face, David, you’re on fire right now!

  12. david wingrove Says:

    Unfortunately, DR JEKYLL & SISTER HYDE never quite measures up to the glory of its central casting concept. Promotional photos of Ralph Bates and Martine Beswick looking stunningly androgynous in identical Victorian evening dress (images that appear nowhere in the finished film) promise a much kinkier, more provocative movie than anything we actually see.

    On top of that, the glorious Martine is never given enough to do. She walks away with the movie, even so – but for a full-fledged Martine extravaganza you have to see her in PREHISTORIC WOMEN or, best of all, as the Queen of Evil in Oliver Stone’s first movie SEIZURE. She remains one of the screen’s greatest and most wasted natural resources!

  13. The prominent mention of her name in your “Doctor Woman” poster reminds me of a good joke in one of the too-seldom-mentioned George Baxt’s “Pharoah Love” comic mystery novels. The characters, as usual, include pseuds and enthusiasts of theater and film. This “modern” tale taking place in the mid-’60s, one is not surprised to see mention of “Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?”

    Sniffs one gentleman, of that film and its notorious stars: “Nothing that wouldn’t have been twice as good with Claire Dodd and Helen Vinson!”

    I loved “Breakfast on Pluto” when I saw it — especially the scenes between Murphy and Stephen Rea, as well as its use of Dusty Springfield singing “Windmills of Your Mind.”

  14. Christopher Says:

    I kinda agree about Dr. JAKE’ll and Sister Hyde(forget it ,dr. Jake’ll ,its Chinatown)..there is something lacking in this good idea with a good cast..
    its fun to hear Martine chat about it and chuckle over it in the commentary..I’d forgotten about the Man to Woman Coo Coo Clock seen at the start of the
    You should really give the Crying Game a good go sometime..One of the true few emotionally rewarding films to come along ever so often..

  15. When I heard it called “Mona Lisa with a penis” I kind of lost my will to see it. David Wingrove’s quite funny about it: “Have these people who are surprised never SEEN a drag queen?”

    Mona Lisa itself is kind of good but doesn’t go nearly far enough, and the happy ending is tacky as hell. Most Neil Jordan doesn’t go far enough for me, but he’s sometimes very good.

  16. Christopher Says:

    Crying Game was not what I expected and held pretty good to the end..Its the first 30 mins or so that really hooks you in..I expected alot more depth and a little less dash in Interview with a Vampire after seeing this..altho i like “Vampire” pretty good..such a great story should a been better..

  17. david wingrove Says:

    Wow! I never knew Martine Beswick did a commentary for DR JEKYLL & SISTER HYDE. That must be on the US disc. My British DVD is the film and nothing more!

  18. My favourite Neil Jordan is The Butcher Boy.

  19. Yeah, I’ve been meaning to see that one. It’s John Boorman’s favourite as well.

  20. Christopher Says:

    yeah. “Sister Hyde” has commentary with Roy Ward Baker and Martine..
    Most if not all the Hammer-Anchor Bays have commentary..Scars of Drac has Christopher Lee and and Baker..Captain Kronos-one of my faves ,has Caroline Munro and Brian Clemmons..

  21. So impressive that they managed to talk Lee into doing a Dracula. The UK disc of Scars has Baker alone. That man’s career just makes NO SENSE. Quite apart from his crazy decision to change his name from Roy Ward Baker to Roy Baker and back again.

  22. Christopher Says:

    One of the funny things about Lee on the Scars disc,is to learn what a big Benny Hill fan he is when Bob Todd as the goofy burgomeister comes on the scene near the beginning.He even describes in detail a funny routine that Tood and Hill did eons ago..and hes really into it..mimcking voices and all..mentions his scene with Tood in the 3 Musketeers film too..But he does a pretty good commentary overall..not objective about anything as you might expect.

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