Droogs Gallery

Something about THE KILLING, especially compared to THE ASPHALT JUNGLE, has a bigger-and-punchier-than-life comic book feeling. So I kind of wanted to reach into the screen and smush up the faces and make them just a bit more like Jack Kirby creations, or something. With the help of PhotoBucket, I eventually got something that smacks more of Drew Friedman, or maybe Ralph Steadman’s mutilated Polaroids, which he calls Paranoids. Except not as good — literally abybody could do these, you just click with the mouse and it’s done.

Still, they’re pleasingly upsetting.


Jay C. Flippen’s face is the whole reason I got started on this kick. The way his features are all sort of cramped together in the middle of his vast meatloaf of a head. I’ve exaggerated this quite a bit (two clicks!) here, and yet it still looks like him.


Timothy Carey may seem like a cartoon already, but it was surprisingly hard to choose which part to exaggerate. Everything’s turned up to eleven already, facially. This pic sees him morphing into a kind of fucked-up Nic Cage. (Is there any other kind?)


Pure Drew Friedman, or do I flatter myself? (I do.) Ted DeCorsia’s Joe Sawyer’s corrupt cop suddenly looks a lot more corrupt — positively decomposed.

Apart from grossing you out, I also want to remind you to join me for Film Club on Monday, and if possible watch one or other or both movies. Kubrick’s THE KILLING and Huston’s THE ASPHALT JUNGLE — together, there should be plenty to say.

5 Responses to “Droogs Gallery”

  1. Hate to tell you this David, but I believe that’s Joe Sawyer’s face in that last shot, I recognized him even with the overly-bulbous honker. Very sensible of you not to distort the puppy’s face, best to leave its fresh-faced cuteness as is.

  2. Tony Williams Says:

    Definitely not Ted. But, as you see below, we all make mistakes at one time or another.

  3. Christopher Says:

    the Asphalt Goon Squad….They’d look perfectly normal in a Dick Tracy picture..

  4. Funny you should mention Jack Kirby. It was his birthday just now, August 28. He would have been 92.

  5. Thanks for the correction. Disturbingly, it means I not only slipped on my character actors, but didn’t follow the various roles in the film’s robbery through accurately. It IS a pretty complicated scheme.

    Dick Tracy Meets Wee-Face, The Quiff, and Schnozzler.

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