Quote of the Day: The Man Who Wasn’t There


“Certainly Hitch had a number of quarrels with Ingrid Bergman, with whom up to then he had got on perfectly. Once she was complaining so violently about the method of working, the long takes and the disappearing scenery, that Hitch, refusing to argue, just walked out of the room while her back was turned and went home, only to discover afterwards that she had kept up her monologue without even noticing his absence for another twenty minutes.”

From John Russell Taylor’s Hitch. Not sure how much I believe this one — Taylor’s source is clearly Hitch himself, who wasn’t there during the key part, so it’s hearsay. I suspect a little exaggeration, either by Hitch or his on-set informant.

5 Responses to “Quote of the Day: The Man Who Wasn’t There”

  1. They actually somewhat resemble one another, Hitch and the koala. Brings to mind Fritz Lang and Peter, his pet monkey. Not a real monkey of course, but a stuffed toy monkey. Lang would tuck him in bed at night, make two martinis, one for Peter, and one for himself, and would even turn to him when conferring on film projects. Makes me wonder what Bogdanovich thought of Peter, or Godard for that matter. They probably wished they’d has a Peter of their very own.

  2. Well, they had Cybill Shepherd and Anna Karina so they probably weren’t too jealous. In the game of life, girlfriend trumps monkey.

    I’v just written a tiny piece about Peter the Plywood Primate for Masters of Cinema.

    Hitch is quite a koala-like figure. Stout, peace-loving, sleepy, fond of eucalyptus…

  3. Actually Fritz was in his seventies when he and Peter were most actively seen together. Which has me thinking that Bogdanovich and/or Godard are now at just the right age for the arrival of a Peter-type creature in their lives, their trysts with Shepherd and Karina long behind them at this point. You’ll have to provide us with a link to the MoC piece. And Fritz had women AND Peter in his life, the best of both worlds.

  4. Fritz had prostitutes, and would lecture his friends on the correct approach to employing them. “Never forget that a prostitute is above all a woman. You must not only pay her fee, but reward her with fine wines and Belgian chocolates…”

    I’ll let everyone know when the MoC piece is out.

    Perhaps a pet koala for Peter B, a crocodile for Godard?

  5. Ah, the Eternal Struggle between Good and Evil! (quoth Preacher)

    “Long Suffering, Overpatient, Angelic Saintly Auteur vs. Histerical, Whimsy, Egotistical and Truly Demonic Star!”

    Or was it?

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