A Single Clew…

Here’s the crime scene ~


Extra! Extra! Music Hall girl ‘orribly murdered!

“It puts you in mind of the days of Jack the Ripper!”

And by her bedside… a single clew…


“If you were a serial killer, what would they call you?”

“The Gardener… because on each of my victims I would leave… a single rose.”

“And what weapon would you use?”

“A hammer.”

Well, the quotes, or possibly misquotes, are from AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON and The I.T. Crowd, but what are the images from? And who is the killer? And can horticultural detective Vincent Price save the day???


9 Responses to “A Single Clew…”

  1. EphemeralDog Says:

    Images from the 1947 film Moss Rose.
    Lady Margaret was the killer.
    Vincent Price set the ball rolling to solve the mystery!

  2. Moss Rose, surely?

  3. Indeed! Impressive identifying. The Yard could use men like you.

    Ephemeraldog was technically first, but his comment was awaiting approval when Douglas posted his, so you both technically win. Not sure WHAT you win, though.

  4. EphemeralDog Says:

    And frustrating that was too!

  5. The fun is in the taking part! And in knowing it, for a change.

  6. Well, you should’ve posted before, Dog! Welcome to the family. We hope you never leave…never leave…never leave…

  7. EphemeralDog Says:

    I saw the film years ago late at night, purely because it starred VP and I’d not long seen one of his Corman films. The rose in the bible sparked off a memory.

  8. Christopher Says:

    CLEW?…as in Chahly Chan?

  9. It’s the 19th century spelling. Think it originally meant a spool of thread, such as Theseus used to mark his way through the labyrinth. Thus a detective follows a trail…

    Recently watched Charlie Chan on Treasure Island, which was my second exposure to Sidney Toler as Chan. Just can’t get used to him not being Warner Oland…

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