“You’re going to hear a lot of talk about panties…”


– here, on Monday, as part of Film Club. Spread the word in advance — the topic is Otto Preminger’s ANATOMY OF A MURDER, in which the former lawyer turns his vast dome to the subject of law once more.

7 Responses to ““You’re going to hear a lot of talk about panties…””

  1. Arthur S. Says:

    Preminger never practised law according to his interview with Bogdanovich. He was son of a district attorney in Austria and attended many trials as a kid and then studied under Max Reinhardt. I suppose he came to see little difference between the court of law and theatre…except the former has real and literal matters of life and death.

  2. looking forward to this one–very sorry to have missed the past two Film Clubs (love both films, but have not seen either in a really long time)–was away on vacation

  3. Look forward to seeing you there.

    I guess it’s just too tempting to see Preminger’s legal background, such as it is, as some kind of basis for his work. Haven’t seen AOAM in an age so it’ll be really interesting to revisit it. Last year I devoted a whole week here to Preminger films, so I’m more familiar with his oeuvre than I was last time I screened the film.

  4. Christopher Says:

    the word Panties coming out of the mouth of wholesome Jimmy is almost more ‘an I can stand! =:oO

  5. Stewart took care to warn his dad that the film was a bit more “adult” than usual.

  6. The title of this blog make me click my mouse in frantic anticipation. More titles like this please!

    (PS: Great, great film choice as well)

  7. You recognize it as a quote from Lionel Hutz on The Simpsons? In parody of this movie, of course.

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