A Guy Like You

Over at the Auteurs’ Notebook it’s Forgotten time again, and this time we look at a figure who was once erased from film history with Stalinesque efficiency — Alice Guy.

(That’s not Alice Guy above, that’s Little Tich. But Alice is behind the camera.)

4 Responses to “A Guy Like You”

  1. I posted this clip on a Buster Keaton group I belong to because it illustrates so clearly what could be achieved when wearing slapshoes. Keaton always wore them (albeit not as extreme a pair as Little Tich’s) when performing, whether on stage or film, and people are sometimes puzzled by this, but without them he would not have been able to get that distinctive 45 degree lean. Sorry this comment isn’t about Alice Guy!

  2. That’s OK! Had to have three sets of slap shoes made for my clown film, which entailed much shopping around to find a clown cobbler who wouldn’t consume the entire costume budget. My designer found one guy who showed her exact copies of Chaplin’s boots and Little Tich’s slap shoes. Amazing what you can find out there.

  3. Pure trivia: Little Tich’s autobiography was ghosted by a young Sax Rohmer, creator of Fu Manchu. http://www.njedge.net/~knapp/Tich.htm

  4. Brilliant! I’m envisaging a thrilling crossover already: Little Tich Vs the Si-Fan!

    I’m also very taken with the origin of Tich’s name (and its relation to the word “tichy”), about which Borges wrote a great essay (in A Universal History of Infamy).

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